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Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Kuennen

Tundra Animals Long tailed skuas
Artic fox
Wolverine human effects The oil indrustry damages the wildlife. Animals are being over hunted. peoples snowmobiles kill large vegetation . Scavengers find garbage near cities so it brings them and humans dangerously close. hope you enjoyed the tundra Weather rainfall: 30 to 50 cm per year

Tempature: summer:12 degrees c
winter: -26 degrees c plants Artic Blueberry
Artic Willow
Cotton grass
Water sedges natural resources size of tundras the size is roughly
about 56,111,000km2
or 11% of the earth located it is located in
Antartica 4 other facts it is permanently covered
by frozen soil
winter it only has a few or less hours of light
one of the most unique
sun dosent rise for almost 6 months! oil

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