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Twelve years a Slave: Chapters 1-10 Olivia R.Bulloc

No description

Olivia Bullock

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Twelve years a Slave: Chapters 1-10 Olivia R.Bulloc

Twelve years a Slave: Chapters 1-10 Olivia R.Bullock
Chapter Summary: 1-4
Chapter 1: Northrp describes the beauty of the free life he lives; relishing in the time he spends with his family procuring land and earning a living through his many trades.

Chapter 2: By the end of this chapter, Northrp has been commissioned to play his violin for the "circus" for a generous wage of $4 a day. Without leaving any notice for his family, he agrees, only to be drugged by his "friends" with the help of two blacks servants. He awakes to find himself chained to the floor.

Chapter 3: At this time, Northrp is coming to terms with his predicament after he is beaten mercilessly for his proclamations of freedom; this is where he first encounters Eliza.

Chapter 4: While moving from Washington to Virginia, before heading to New Orleans, Northrp encounters a number of enslaved men and women; he makes a note of the similarities and differences therein.

Chapter 5: After an eventful boat ride, Northrp meets sailor John Manning, who secures a pen and paper for him to write a letter and mails it off for him.

Questions for Discussion
1. What is the signifigance of the poem dedicated to Harriett Beacherstow at the start of the text? Why do you think it is first in the text? What does the poem mean?

2. Why do you think Northrup begins the text by idealizing the life and character of his father, while barley mentioning his mother and admittedly omitting the facts of her race?
Chapter Summary: 5-10
Chapter 6: Finally sold, with a few other slaves, Northup painfully recounts the story of Eliza's sorrow as her children are ripped out of her arms.

Chapter 7: Mr. Ford, Northup's master, is a man of good disposition; although enslaved, Northup has many opportunities to develop his skill and prove himself useful. By the end of the chapter, he is acquainted with his new master, a carpenter named Mr. Tibeats.

Chapter 8: During this chapter, Northup performs his duties well but fails to please his new master. It is around this time he finds favor with the overseer Chapin, who comes to his rescue when he is about to be lynched for whipping Tibeats.

Chapter 9: Spared of any punishment, by his masters arrival, Northup exchanges hands again. Peter Tanner, his new master and brother-in-law to his old master, professes his Christian views, which imposes on his slaves every Sabbath.

Chapter 10:After his second fight with Tibeats, one where Northup almost kills him, he runs into the perils and the protection of the swamp. When the water gets to deep to continue, Northup returns to the safety of his master's plantation where he can finally rest.
Analysis, Connection and Critical Essay
Main Characters
Solomon Northup
Ann Northup
Elizabeth, Margret, and Alonzo Northup
Mr. Cephas Parker
Mr. William Perry
Merrill Brown
Abram Hamilton
James H. Burch
Theophilus Freeman
Ebenezer Radburn
Clemens Ray
John Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Brooks
Mr. Goodin
David & Caroline
John Manning
Mr. Kelsow
William Ford
Mr. Martin
Rose & Walton
Adam Taydem
Mr. John Tibeats
Peter Tanner
Northup in comparison to :
Northup and the relation to agrarianism.
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