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How does Diagon Alley represent a Cell?

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Skyler Probus

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of How does Diagon Alley represent a Cell?

The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. They are organelles that act like the digestive system. It breaks down nutrients and provides energy for the cell.The mitochondria can relate to Ollivanders because wands power the wizarding world and the Mitochondria powers the cell so that is how the relate.
Diagon Alley is a fictional place from Harry Potter. It has many different little shops that could also be compared in similarity to a cell. Such as the spell barrier covering Diagon Alley.
The Nucleus
The cell membrane lets things come in and out of the cell. The cell membrane covers the whole cell and protects and organizes it. The leaky cauldron can relate to the cell membrane because it lets the wizards go into Diagon Alley. They go in to the The Leaky Cauldron and there is a magic door that lets them into the wizard world.
The Cell Membrane
The Mitochondria.
How does Diagon Alley represent a Cell?
The E.R.
The Lysosomes are found in nearly every animal cell. The propose of the Lysosomes is to digest things. The junk shop can relate to the lysosomes.
The ribosomes makes protein that will be used inside the cell. They are found in all living cells, and can be found floating freely around the cell.The ice cream parlor relates to ribosomes. It relates because ice cream is made of milk and milk is a good source of protein.
The E.R. works as a packaging system. E.R. stands for endoplasmic reticulum. It creates a network of membranes found through the whole cell . In Diagon Alley the E.R. relates to the actually Alley. The actual alley itself represents the E.R. because it is how people travel and how people deliver things to the shops and the E.R. is the protein delivering system.
The Vacuole
The vacuole is a storage bubble for the cell. They are found in both plant and animal cell. The Sugar Plum Sweet Shop relates to the vacuole because it stores candy, types of food, and sweet drinks.
The Cell Wall
The cell wall is a protective base around the cell. It is only found in a plant cell. In Diagon Alley the Spell Barrier on the outside represents the cell wall because it blocks immortals from seeing and coming in.
By: Corrine Martin,Skyler Probus,Jasmine Nieto,and Paulina Wash

The nucleus is the brain of the cell. It makes all the decisions of the cell and controls it. Gringotts Bank can relate to the Nucleus because it makes the decisions. The goblins makes the decisions like who uses what, where they use it, and how they use it.
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