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No description

Leo Hollen

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of JeanGrey

JEAN GREY was one of the first members of the X-Men. created by the great Jack Kirby
Stan Lee, debuting in 1963. Original Powers:Telepethy and Telekenisis
Romantically involved with Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Her history is complicated, having died/been killed and ressurected many times.
Not much has been written about the Jean Grey/Phoenix dichotomy surprisingly so... "Mother and Lover, Sister and friend.
How difficult must it be for Jean Grey
to fulfill all the roles expected of her?

Torn between the responsibilites and pressures placed on her by the insecurities of the others. Jean has decided to be everything and nothing to them all.

Marvel "Girl" indeed! That a full fledged woman in body and mind would continue to allow everyone to call her a girl is psychological testament enough to the divided loyalties which rend her soul."
-Apocalypse from X-Factor Vol 1 #65 Let's get to it. Original Codename: Marvel Girl
First Member of the X-Team
Only Woman in original lineup
Episcopalian Jean Grey has gone through
many visual interpretations
over the years: That's not even taking into account
the number of clones/alternate
reality Jean's there were... So instead of looking at all of those Jeans. We will look at the 4 that stand out in the public's collective mind. "She has been the weakest one..." Her original uniform-
Marvel Girl
Dark Blue/Black and Yellow
Covered Body
Red Hair Visible- But barely
Submission- lacks knowledge of own potential "She has been the nurturer..." The Jim Lee years
A tight blue uniform
Still Covered Body
Red Hair Shown.
Restrictive Uniform
More Complicated Design
Submission post Phoenix "She has been the strongest one...the craziest one" Visible Red Hair
Free of a masked face
Simple Iconic images of Phoenix emblem
At her most powerful as Phoenix/Dark Phoenix "She has been the sanest one..." Post Phoneix:
Black Uniform Team Look
Whole Body
Free Flowing Red Hair Curious that a woman
who gains full control of power
cannot handle it.

"They want all of this from her
and more" Unlike most Comic Book Heroines
Jean has never really been "scantily clad" Not even the Phoenix in its Darkest Stage Dark Phoenix is the power inside she cannot control. The Phoenix/Dark Phoenix is a manifestation of what Jean wants to be.
(The tight clothing, sexually prominant features, loose style, topped by an unmeasurable power, and even a bit tacky at times)
The Jean Grey is what the world wants Jean to be.
(sexual but not intimidating, powerful but not overbearing, restrained, smart, classy) The Jean of the comic book desires to be the
"Emma Frost"...the vixen. She accomplishes this during her transformations into Phoenix...but cannot handle "it". Cannot handle her own sexuality. So she reverts back
to dark pants and shirt.
Hiding her sex. Jean Grey is indeed all of these things, but never at the same time.
These are roles to be played as neither Jean, nor the world around her can admire, understand or handle her true essence. but first...
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