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Copy of HSC Drama Individual Project Design: Promotion and Program

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Maddi C

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of HSC Drama Individual Project Design: Promotion and Program

Brainstorm Successful projects demonstrate: Skills that will assist you: HSC Drama Individual Project
Design: Promotion and Program Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr What is Promotion and Program? Brainstorm promotional materials and inclusions in a program.
What purpose does it serve? Who might be interested in this project?
. Students that are interested in design, advertising or journalism may find this project speaks to their strengths. -Comprehension skills – in order to grasp and interpret information from set text and produce publicity materials that communicate an accurate and justifiable vision of the play.
-Written communication skills – ability to express intentions and opinions through written word.
-Artistic inclination – ability to communicate your meaning through image, to accompany written communication. (Strengths in drawing, painting, designing, photography etc.)
-Design skills – ability to use aesthetic principles to communicate meaning. (Colour, line, texture etc.)
-Technology – familiarity and competency with design software such as Photoshop . This project may be for a real or hypothetical theatre company and will include:
•a 300-word rationale in the form of a director’s concept/vision
•a poster which is a colour rendering of at least A3 size but no larger than A1 . The design may be rendered by hand or produced as a computer design submitted as hard copy
•a flyer which includes 150 words of promotional copy
•a program which contains a profile of the theatre company, its target audience, information about the playwright, the history of the play, the directorial approach and any other information relevant to the production
•a 500-word media feature story about the production, such as a researched article or interview which previews the production or an aspect of the production.

Note: Designs and promotional copies for a school production must not be used.
Students should work within the parameters of this project. Projects submitted with items missing will be penalised. Material that exceeds the stipulated requirements will be disregarded. Requirements: So, let's break it down... Rationale in the form of a director’s concept/vision:
- 300 words
- To be handed in separately from the logbook.
- Describes the intention of your project and the approach that has been taken.
- Explains the directorial concept; your coherent vision of the play. Poster
- At least A3 size. (297 x 420 mm) No larger than A1. (594 x 841 mm)
- In colour.
- Can be rendered by hand or computer designed and printed. Flyer
- Includes 150 words of promotional copy
- Promotes the play
- Appeals to and attracts audience Program
- Profile of the theatre company (real or imagined) and its target audience
- Information about the playwright
- History of the play
- Directorial approach
- Other information relevant to the production e.g. cast lists, interviews, credits etc. Refer to programs of professional productions for inspiration. Media Feature Story
- 500 words
- May be a researched article or interview which previews the production or an aspect of it. Criterion 1: Design concept/vision (10 marks)
• effective interpretation of the play realised in a directorial concept/vision
• integrity, originality and clarity in the design concept/vision
• use of visual components to communicate the concept/vision.

Criterion 2: Appropriateness and execution of visual elements (10 marks)
• effectiveness of design elements in each visual item of promotional material in conveying a dramatic interpretation of the production
• understanding the purpose of each item of visual promotional material
• effectiveness of visual promotional material in communicating the profile of the theatre company and target audience.

Criterion 3: Appropriateness and execution of written materials (10 marks)
• use of written materials to communicate the design concept/vision
• understanding the purpose of each item of the written promotional material
• effectiveness of written materials in communicating the profile of the theatre company to its target audience. Criteria for examining the Individual Project: Design (Promotion and Program) - Sophisticated and original directorial vision
- Deep understanding of the play
- Effective and/or evocative design elements
- Design choices capture a clear sense of the play’s concerns
- Strong working knowledge of the function and purpose of each promotional item in their choice of visual elements and written material
- Unity across all promotional items by choosing visual elements that complement each other
- A strong profile for chosen theatre company
- Sophisticated use of layout, font and colour to present the design concept
- Sophistication, originality and flair in the Director’s Notes and media feature story
- Effective and original language style

Adapted from: 2005 HSC Notes from the Marking Centre – Drama
http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/hsc2005exams/pdf_doc/drama_er_05.pdf Considerations for Students and Teachers: Promotion and Program requires a lot of work, as there are a number of elements that must be completed. It really cannot be left until the last second!
It might be helpful to create a set of due dates and timeline for the completion of each section of the project, and the stages in which it will be completed.
Also, as you are relying on professional printers to get a professional result, it is important to allow time to edit and re-print any section of the project that might be necessary.
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