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Internal Communications Review – Update

No description

Sophie Read

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Internal Communications Review – Update

Internal Communications Review – Update

We now have a short to medium-term project plan

We have:

• Set up a joint communications and organisational development forum to make sure we are joined up on employee engagement

• Set up a communications forum for everyone engaged in communications across the organisation to make sure we co-ordinate activity and share good practice

• Began production of Future West Sussex animated video for staff

April/July, we will:

• Organise installation of synchronised information screens across five council sites

• Propose changes to the Point and implement social media functionality

• Roll-out internal brand ( linked to GPtW ) and corporate standards for emails, MySite etc.

• Introduce effective measurement tools to set benchmarks and targets

• Produce long-term strategy and operating model for the future ( in conjunction with new HoC and AM )

March/April, we will:

• Re-launch Team Talk briefing system – we are aiming to do this at a CMG meeting at the end of April

• Produce a corporate template for all newsletters, ensuring a consistency in approach while allowing them to be tailored for individual teams

• Look at how we can improve the broadcast email

• Map internal audiences to allow more targeted communications activity

• Propose re-launch of staff magazine

• Propose narrative training and support for CLT

This work will be carried out
in conjunction with:

Great Place to Work, and

Customer Experience ....
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