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Mythology Compilation

Myths! Famous ones. Now here's the thing - myths have been passed down for thousands of years. It is like whisper down the lane...when it gets passed from person to person many words get changes and even throw off the plot. So here they are. ENJOY!!!

Mark Egan

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Mythology Compilation

By Mark Egan Mythology Compilation Icarus & Daedalus Characters: Icarus, Daedalus, Talus, & Minotaur Prometheus Characters: Prometheus, Zeus, & Cronus Baucis & Philemon Characters: Baucis, Philemon, Jupiter (the myth
was Roman, so Jupiter is A.K.A. Zeus) and Mercury (Hermes). Phaethon Characters: Helios (Sun god), Phaethon, his mom
(Perse), and Jove (Zeus). Arachne Characters: Arachne, Idmon, and Athene. Poseidon Characters: Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Athena, and Amphitrite. Zeus Characters: Zeus, Cronus, Rhea, Oranos, Hades,
Poseidon, Demeter, and a rock. We Made It!!! Now, out of the nearly impossible labyrinth, I thank
you for watching. Really, I hope you learned a thing or two about mythology. If you knew all this, that's great, but if you learned something, I am glad. Problem: Icarus and Daedalus are trapped in the labyrinth and escaped killing a bird and using its feathers, wax, and sticks to fly out. Result: Icarus was too anxious to fly, so he didn't pay attention to his father's instructions (not fly too high or too low). He then crashes down because he went too high. Daedalus (his father) buries him. Purpose: Obey elders; man can't fly! Problem: Zeus was going to destroy the last humans because he was sick of their complaining. Result: Prometheus introduced fire to the people to
save themselves from the cold and survive. Purpose: How fire came to man. Problem: There weren't many nice people in Greece in this village, and Mercury & Jupiter were in gods in disguise to pick out one. Result: Only Baucis & Philemon (elders) let them in kindly so that they could feed them. They offered their only valuable possession, so the gods made them a temple. Purpose: Be kind to everyone! Problem: Phaethon wants to rule the sun for a day to prove to his friends that Helios was his father. Helios swears on the river Styx, which can not be taken back. Only Helios could control the sun, so Phaethon crashes it. Result: Jove (Zeus) strikes it with lightening, and sets fire to Earth. Phaethon dies. Purpose: Rising and setting Sun &
do what's right. Problem: An extraordinary weaver who was just a human challenged the gods to a weave-off. Result: She fell to Athene, who turned her into a spider as a permanent punishment. Purpose: How spiders came to be (transformation myth). Problem: Three brother gods over who should rule. Each of them picked a number and rolled a dice. Zeus picked the sky, Poseidon got the sea (which he wanted anyway), and Hades got the underworld (hell). Amphitrite and Athena fight over Athens. Result: Athena provides the better gift and becomes goddess of Athens. Purpose: Created sea and land animals. Minotaur: beast who eats people in the labyrinth. Problem: Cronus swallowed all of his children because
if they kill him, they become leader (sick, right?). Rhea (wife of Cronus) saved Zeus and replaced him with a rock. Result: Zues later killed his father and took throne. Purpose: Olympians came to power, and it
created the world's features and natural
disasters. BYE ~Mark Egan~ Music: Afterimage by Rush
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