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Copy of Planned Obsolescence

No description

Mai Kano

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence
Actual situation
Are there more types?
Which are their consequences?
Health consequences
Types of obsolescence
Proprietary batteries
Systemic obsolescence
Consumer society.
Through away attitude of people.
Serious environmental impact.
Style obsolescence
Aurora Saenz Saseta
Adrián Martínez Puente
Adrian Santiago Roda
Camilla Garelli
Giulia Vittoria Canova
Technical or functional obsolescence
Notification obsolescence
Obsolescence by depletion
The “Expiry Myth”
What exactly is the planned obsolescence?
It decreases the product's lifetime.

Is a business strategy

The consumism is based on it
When it was started?
Was initiated between the years 1920 and 1930
6.500.000.000 kg
of rubbish everyday
Economic and environmental costs of products
Dumps in underveloped countries

Health problems and serious illness
Phoebus Cartel
Wall street crisis
Mass production; Consumer society
Bernard london-Obligatory planned obsolescence
Brooks Stevens; Fashion design
-Thousands of electronic wastes are thrown
-Declared like second hand products
Located in west Africa
People are fighting against it compiling information of the industries that are doing it to make a demand in a future.
Main: helping people to share ideas of business or design.
One of them is the design of a LED ball that last 25 years. Saving money in materials, fuel for transporting the wastes or even energy.
Work like the nature.
Biodegradable wastes.
Back to the earth without pollute.
Change of mind: reducing consume and overproduction
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