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Ph 20 - Sound - Interference

Beat calculation with guitar example

Bill Kapphahn

on 17 October 2011

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Transcript of Ph 20 - Sound - Interference

are a periodic variation in the loudness of sound. Beats can be heard when 2 tuning forks are hit together at different times The beat will momentarilly step in and out this is because one fork vibrates at a frequency different from the other when compression overlaps the beat it has reached a maximum in volume when a rarefaction from one fork meets compression from another, its volume is at a minimum. sound that reaches your ears throb between a maxiumum and a minimum loudness. this process produced a tremolo effect waves can be viewed on an oscilloscope different frequencies of sound are fed into the oscilloscope a picture shows up that represents different pressure patterns These can be viewed individually or when the sound overlaps. the waves that in step twice each second produce a beat frequency of 2 Hz The beats that are 10- and 12- Hz, chosen for convience, are infrasonic. This means that they and their beats are inaudible Beats can occur with any kind of wave and are a good way to compare frequencies to tune a guitar, a musician listens for beats made between a standard tuning fork and a particular string on the guitar. when frequencies are identical, the beats disappear. members of an orchestra tune up by listening for beats between their instruments and a standard tone made by an oboe or any other instrument The End time
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