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IPTC - Photo Metadata


Ray Bryson

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of IPTC - Photo Metadata

IPTC - Photo Metadata International Press Telecommunications Council April 15, 2010 1979: IPTC defines a set of metadata attributes
1991: IPTC revises attributes, releases new version dubbed the “Information Interchange Model” or IIM. 1994-95: Adobe Photoshop adopts Image Resource Block (IRB) / IPTC Headers. 2001: Adobe launches the Extensible Metadata Platform or XMP. 2005: IPTC/Adobe collaboration releases IPTC Core in Creative Suite 2. 2007: IPTC and IFRA hold first International Photo Metadata Conference and release white paper. 2008: IPTC releases revised IPTC Core and new IPTC Extension schemas. The explicit goal for IPTC Photo Metadata is to make visual content better accessible by computer based search systems.

... um yeah, please elaborate. Technical Metadata (Exif data)
Image Size
Color profile
ISO speed
Other camera settings. Descriptive Metadata
Location of capture

(These metadata fields were included in the original IPTC-IIM schema. They have been expanded in the IPTC Core and IPTC Extension metadata schemas) Administrative Metadata

Licensing or rights usage terms
Specific restrictions on using an image
Model releases
Provenance information, such as the identity of the creator, and contact information for the rights holder or licensor. Metadata can live in one or more of these places - the file, a sidecar file or a catalog For IPTC Core and IPTC Extension, the technical implementation of the metadata is employing Adobe's XMP technology.
This is a page from the IPTC's documentation outlining the metadata standard However, most photographers / editors will only have to worry about "custom panels" like these If I had a behind the scenes image of XMP being used...

... it'd be here. Which is helpful when moving from deprecated standards Or when an image is moving through a mess like this.
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