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Bran Nue Dae 'Listen to the News'

By Michelle Dang and Amy Nguyen

amy nguyen

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Bran Nue Dae 'Listen to the News'

Bran Nue Dae 'Listen to the News' Chorus "Listen to the news talking about the blues of people.
So look for the day when the sun shines its rays, cause I know that a new day is dawning and dawning will come when the people as one shall rise to the light of the morning." The lyrics -'Is this the end of our people?'-suggest that hope for cultural harmony is dying unless the people do not listen to the 'News' of the Aborigines. The Aborigines are questioning whether their heritage and culture will survive due to of white imperialism and Aboriginal's experience with prejudice and racism. However, there is still hope due to the reference of the sun in the chorus. The opening verse depicts a white man killing a girl, a son and a mother. Since Aboriginals were not technologically advanced it is implied that the man with the gun is white. This deliberate killing of a family shows White's racist attitude towards Aboriginal people. The sun is a symbol of spiritual guidance and so when the white settlers arrived and took control of the land and its people, the Aboriginals perceived this as a loss of culture and thus the sun.The sun gives way to light and light is perceived as hope in the eyes of the aboriginals . 'Listen to the News' - Beginning "The man of the gun comes shot up the son
and the girl and the child and the mother,
but the child is the son and the son is the child
and the child is the son of the father
and the passage of time just follows the line" ‘The people as one shall rise to the light of the morning.’ - Notice that the song refers to 'people' not the Aboriginals, which may suggest an established cultural harmony in the near future where both race will fight and rise as one, to help keep the aboriginal heritage and tradition. Emotional Impact The lyrics of the song is not depressing and negative as it raises out spirits. It raises our spirits because the audience can see that Aborigines do have hope to reconnect with their land and keep their identity and culture. Outro
'But the child is the son and the son is the child and child is the son of the father and the passage of time just follows the line'- This suggest that the genocide placed on Aborigines is a continuous cycle, that goes from generations to generations, meaning that the Aboriginal cultures and traditions cannot be passed on to the new generations. This shows Aborigine resistance and persistence against white imperialism as chains are broken off.
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