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Prophet Musa Project

Musa and the Magicians

Bissan Abubaker

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Prophet Musa Project

And the Magicians Prophet Musa After Prophet Musa had received his miracles, Allah ordered Musa to call Phir'oun and tell him to worship Him alone. He showed Phir'oun his two miracles with the light and the snake. Lessons Learned Once the magicians saw this, they realized this was the truth. They fell down and prostrated to Allah. Phir'oun was furious, and he threatened to kill them, but they stayed with their belief. Although they were killed Allah will grant them Jannah. The magicians threw their staffs and ropes and they became snakes. Then Prophet Musa threw his staff and it turned into a huge snake and it ate all of the other snakes. Phir'oun got scared and called for the most skillful magicians to challenge Musa. He promised them alot of money if they won. Before the challenge, Musa talked to the magicians and told them about Allah, but they didn't care. *We should always stay close to our belief. *We should remember that Allah is always with us. *We should always speak up in front of someone you know is speaking wrong. Prophet Musa Fast Facts * Prophet Musa is known as Moses.
*Prophet Musa burned his tongue while he was younger and it was hard for him to speak, so he asked for his brother Haroon (which was also a prophet!) to help him preach about Allah on his journey.
* Prophet Mus'a story was repeated in the Quran more than 80 times.
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