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Tanyaa's doggie daycare&spawww

No description

tanyaa persaud

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Tanyaa's doggie daycare&spawww

Tanyaa's doggie daycare&spaw 2.What Goods and Services are produced?
What sorts of goods and/or services would your dream business proide?How might they be affected by geography? 4.For whom are Goods and Services produced?
What are the characteristics (e.g., age gender income) and preferences of your potential customers? My business will provide service for all pet owners at any age. People who need their pets taken care of while they are away in a place they can trust. Those who want their pets to get groomed or to relax in my spa and people who just need a little help providing their pets with extra activity and socialization. 3.How are Good and Services produced?
Would you sell mass-produced or hand-made products? Or would you provide services such as car repairs? I would not be selling mass-produced or hand-made products but be providing a service. I will take care of the animals in the daycare and groom and pamper pets. 5.How are Good and Services distributed?
How would you advertise and distribute products or services in your own business?

I would advertise my business by making ads like posters commercials, billboards’, and flyers. I would not be distributing products since I am providing a service.
I would locate my business in suburban areas because since there are a lot of businesses similar to mine near the downtown areas there are few day cares and spas near suburban areas. My business will benefit this area because there are many families or people who need their animals taken care of or want their pets to be more socialized. Many people with need their pets to get groomed and who may want their pets to go to a spa. My business will also benefit many people because since there is a spa and daycare in one people will not have to travel to different locations all the time and it will be easier for them go to one place with different services for their pets.

1.Who produces Goods and Services?
What sort of business might you like to operate? What interests and talents could you bring to this business?

The sort of business I would like to operate when I am older is a doggie daycare and spa.
Interest and talents I could bring to this business are how I love animals and I’ve always wanted to work with them. I have a dog of my own so I know how to take care of animals and how to interact with them. Five Economic Questions Family pets are not just pets....they are members of a family! With this in mind, my mission will be to provide a caring, convenient and affordable way to keep pet owners special family member clean.These pets will get a haircut, get their nails trimmed, their teeth brushed and have a great time relaxing in my deluxe spa. My daycare will help pet owners keep their dogs socialized, active and well behaved instead of being left alone all day. My daycare will also be a service for pet owners who are away during the day, or who just need a little help providing extra activity and socialization for their best friends. 0
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