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Legislative Evolution

No description

Susan Barker

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Legislative Evolution

Legislative Evolution
Pension Benefits Act,
RSO 1990, c P 8
Start with the most current version of the section of the act you are tracing and work backward from there.

Revised Statues of Ontario 1990
So we know from the historical note that the previous iteration of this section appears in the
Revised Statutes of Ontario
1990 - chapter P - 8 so if we look at the statute as it appeared at the time the historical note from then should lead us to the previous version of that section.

Statutes of Ontario 1987
Table of Public Statutes 1986
Statutes of Ontario 1983 c2, s 3
Revised Statutes of Ontario 1980, c 373, s 23
Statutes of Ontario 1980. c 80, s 3
Historical Note
Historical note leads us to SO 1987, c35, s 58
Hmm!!! No Historical Note - what should we do?
The logical place to go is the Table of Public Statutes in the 1987 volume as that table generally lists changes and amendments
Hmm! This is not very helpful either as it is referring us to the statute we have just looked at but we know from the title that this is "An Act to Revise the Pension Benefits Act" so we know a previous version existed so we need to look at the Table of Public Statutes in the previous year's statutes (1986)
There are two amendments - the 1986 amendment has no relevance to this section but we will take a look at the
one as it does
From this we can see that s. 23 of chapter 373 of the RSO 1980 has been repealed and replaced by this section. This wording has pretty well so far been the same as the current version so we have not needed to explore the history of the act to this point - just the evolution. So now we need to look at RSO 1980.

Revised Statutes of Ontario 1973, c 113, s 6
1973 is when the deemed trust was first introduced.
This wording is different from 1983. The historical note refers back to SO 1980. So now we know there were changes in 1983 that we should look at

The wording is the same as the RSO 1980
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