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Ancient Aliens

No description

puronica olmos

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens
Veronica Olmos
Per. 5
Mr. Givens
The course of human civilization has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors
Before watching the Ancient Aliens documentary I have wondered about if aliens existed or not. I always pondered on how ancient architecture and objects came to be, and tried to figure out if such objects and architecture is possible with or without the help of aliens.

The pieces of evidence I have chosen to scrutinize the theory of aliens visiting Earth is Megalithic Construction and Precision Work. They're both able to give an plausible explanations on the mysterious construction of ancient architecture.
Megalithic Construction
Examples of Megalithic Construction
Great Pyramid Of Giza
Stone heads of Easter Island
Puma Punku
In Ancient Aliens, it covers on the possibility of ancient megalithic constructions being built with the help of aliens. As they were built in barren areas which didn't contain rock or stone resources to build with and being able to move stones from an range of 5 to 350 tons. It states that even today with modern machinery it's nearly impossible to make such structures.
Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid was built from sandstone and granite. In Ancient Aliens they give the theory of cutting the stones from lasers or diamond saws due to the stone being very difficult to cut. This claim is false, as they were able to cut the stone with their coppers saws and used sand to shape them. The information given from Ancient Aliens seems to not to be credible.
Precision Work

Precision Work is the cutting and shaping of ancient structures. In Ancient Aliens, it states how it isn't possible to be able to cut the stones used for structures with just simple tools. They give examples of the use power saws and lasers to be able to cut the stones in accurate angles and details.
Puma Punku
As the Ancient Alien series claimed the stone used in Puma Punku was granite, it is actually red sand stone. Which can be shaped and cut with not diamond tipped power saws, but with simple stone tools. The theory of levitating the stones is also false, as the stones have tell-tale drag marks and hoisting holes for ropes, all showing that they were not levitated as Ancient Aliens would have us believe. This shows that the information given from the Ancient Aliens series isn't credible.
From the evidence I have researched, I can conclude that extra-terrestrial beings didn't help the course of human civilization. Though, the purpose of the megalithic constructions and the whereabouts of the ancient people that constructed them still remains an mystery.
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