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Automated Timetable Generator

No description

ikra shah

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Automated Timetable Generator

State Transition Diagram:
Data flow diagram:
State chart diagram:
Design Class Diagram:
Use case diagram:
The manual system of preparing timetable in colleges with large number of students is very time consuming and usually ends up with various classes clashing either at same room or with same teachers having more than one class at a time.

Existing System:
To automatically determine the quality of timetables.
To generate any number of timetables.
To potentially be used as part of an automatic solver.
Faster than manual system.
Reliable than manual system.
Project Features:
Our aim here is to develop a simple, easily understandable, efficient project, which could automatically generate good quality timetables within seconds.

Vision Document:
User interface requirement.
Developer tools.
Database requirement.
Tools and technologies with reasoning:
Time saving system.
Project scope:
Technical feasibility.
Operational feasibility.
Economical feasibility.
Schedule feasibility.
Specification feasibility.
Information feasibility.
Motivational feasibility.
Legal and ethical feasibility.
Project Feasibility :

Visual Basic.Net
SQL server Essential

Operating system: Windows 7.
Processor: Dual core.

Hardware and Software Specification:

Use cases
Data flow diagram
Worked based structure
Application Architecture:

Optional functional units:
Hard Constraints.
Soft Constraints.


High-level system components:

Our software allows users to generate timetable for newly occurring changes in less time
Less effort and with more efficiency.
It will allow users to work on and view timetables in different platforms.
View different information simultaneously.

Goals and Objectives:

To overcome the problems in manual system of preparing timetable in colleges
with large number of students, we propose to make an automated system.


Architectural design:
Entity Relationship Diagram:
Collaboration diagram:

Collaboration diagram:
Sequence Diagram:

Level:  Basic

Type:  Semi-detached

Total cost =12,00, 00
Project cost:

Supervised By:
Ali Asif
Present By:

Iqra Gillani (13MIT2842)
Tehreem Sadiq (13MIT2847)

Automated Timetable Generator

basic: roughly cost; b/w organic and embeded
Flow of Presentation
Goals & Objectives.
High Level System Components.
Optional Functional Units.
Application Architecture.
Hardware & Software Specifiication.
Project Fesibility.
Project Scope.
Project Cost.
Tools & Technologies.
Vision Document.
Project Features.
Exisiting System.
Problem Statement
Our aim here is to develop a simple, easily understandable, efficient, and portable application, which could automatically generate good quality timetables within seconds.
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