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Student Success Through Alternative Breaks

The Alternative Break Movement has been going strong for 20 years at institutions throughout the nation. This presentation focuses on the processes involved in creating an Alternative Break program on any campus and highlights best practices.

Dusty Krikau

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Student Success Through Alternative Breaks

The Vision The Trip The Training A Society of Active Citizens Eight Components Timeline Setup Budget Reflection Alcohol and Drug Free Diversity Reorientation Education Training Orientation Strong Direct Service Simple Living Service Area
Population Served
Population Serving Issue Specific Skill Specific Site Specific Pre-trip
During trip
Post-trip Introverts
Extroverts Individual Group University Low to No Cost Housing Poverty Level Meal Budget One suitcase Policies about Gadgetry 2 Student Trip Leaders
1 Faculty/Staff
7-10 Participants Decisions Applications
Lottery Decisions International
Domestic Driving
Flying Passions lead Detail Decisions 1 3 2 Decisions Trip Makeup Reflect $ Accurate Communicate with Agency The Leader Training Reflection Techniques Emergency Procedures Cooking for Groups Budgeting Fundraising Communication Styles Group Dynamics Researching Issues Conflict Management Cultural Sensitivity The National Resources www.alternativebreaks.org www.compact.org Determine budget
Select Leaders
Choose agency
Choose housing
Develop budget
Select Participants
Confirm Transportation
Educate, orient, train
Reflect some more
Reorient Start Finish
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