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Canterbury Tales

No description

Team Butt Pirates

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Canterbury Tales

Marks the spot And heres a surprise, my friend from our class, It started with a blank slate, which is now full of feelings and new names Casey Omelau
Chad Faustino Canterbury Tales This is my friend, through thick and thin, And not just my day, but also my world,
Love her like a sister is what I do now,
We’ve seen smiles and also some frowns,
Ups and downs, and even all arounds,
From the times we’d just sit down to when we’d drive all around town, Moments with her is true bliss, and each time I’ll always miss
But more times ahead are what is in store, of that fact, I am truly sure,
we love to go the beach, to wade in the shore
and most times, walking down the hallways throughout most stores, she is a person I’d want to the end
but only because she is more than just a friend
a sister is what she is, a best friend for me, since the beginning and all the way to the end,
My sister, Ritalyn We’d sit in the car, travel near, and travel far from school to Casey’s pool, He’s a truly loyal friend who I met in 9th grade and our friendship has lasted
throughout our age Last but not least the flipping beast, Ted the boy who seems to fly Especially after school when we have nothing to do,
Now we go to hang out with every chance we can get
Hes one of the few people I am blessed to have met
Truly a friend to last a life time,
when we go somewhere good times are what we’d find
When we’re together we are very loud and obnoxious
But at the same time, good feelings become contagious
He’s another boy from the rugby team doesn’t got a position yet,
But doesn’t matter with this much chemistry
With him on the team it’ll boost our morale
That’s why we need him, so we can run like horses out of their corral His name is Michael Blas, a friend who loves lost(the tv show) Here is another friend, born Christian Carino, Has one of the cleanest windmills I've ever seen
He is quite a committed man,
He's the man with a plan.
He's a lover and a fighter,
Skypes with his girlfriend and pulls all nighters. Up next is my friend Joel, An awesome friendship we have made.
This guy right here is a rugby fanatic,
When you see him in game, it makes the other team panic.
He's an aspiring graphic designer,
did I mention his rugby nicknname is the Chuukese Highlighter Here is my colassal friend , Eric Delfin Finally, here's my friend Joseph, He and his girlfriend play on the Xbox 360.
The more he plays, the more he rages.
All day and all night he reads guide pages.
After reading said pages, he goes back to complete missions
He's my good friend with many good ambitions. This is a journey to last throughout the ages,
A bunch of different people moving at different paces
But then we meet people, get accustomed to their faces
We begin to enjoy our time and forget that it’s a race and
We see them every day and remember all the good times
From all the rainy weather to when the sun would shine Brightest
And now these moments here they just seem timeless,
And now it’s moving quicker, faster than we could imagine
This is just a story of how we’re turning present into past tense
It all started when nothing really made sense
And all of our friends were the ones we could imagine, Now its time to describe my next friend, his name is Kyle X Credits: Characters: Ritalyn Tagura, Kyle Gera, Michael Blas, Ted Deleon Guerrero, Joel Leon Guerrero, Eric Delfin, Christian Carino Joseph Garrido, Casey Omelau, Chad Faustino Program(s): Microsoft Word 2010, Prezi But now it’s all lead up to the ones we can laugh with and hold
And the truth be told they’re the ones we would never want to let go
And now I think its time that we let you all know
About the friends we treasure deeply and love, so
here goes! And opened our eyes to this wonderful world Helped these humble boys, emerge from their shells So thank you to all those who have helped The experiences that happened will forever stay in our brains And though our relationships will change But all that we can hope for is that all these people will remain People, who shaped our world and it will never be the same It was fun to meet this girl a girl who made me laugh health is what we were in, It was back when we had just met in antonio’s class My friend since freshmen year, yeah, way back then, Like a clock was taped to a jet pack All those times, it just seemed, to fly by so fast laugh and drive and swim at the beach We only met a year ago, but I can't have a bond like this with another He’s not only my teammate but he’s also a brother, And the scrum half when we play rugby, My best bud, who runs, with me on the cross country team, And in COD or Halo he will surely give you hell He’s the captain of the marksmanship team, and shoots very well Where he has taken a liking, or well at least that’s how it seems He shoots for the school in our ROTC But I play with him online, where his skills truly shine, I haven’t really seen him this year, it has been a while He performs many great feats; he also enjoys doing them with bare feet He’s also does these great and amazing kicks, He looks like he is in karate because of the way he does his tricks, He jumps with great height and he seems to take flight He makes waiting bearable when I have to call for my ride From helping me in class to letting me swim in his pool Last is actually Casey my friend from 9th grade as well, he helped me survive high school I know I said he was but Ted was not the last I've known him since the 7th grade He could be anything but cool. One of the best trickers in school, A 3-story high tree he fell. Eric is definitely not your average Joe. He's quite a formidable foe, Not the best swimmer, but he is sure fond of dolphins With eyes of a hawk and a mind so keen, We always crossed our T's and dotted our periods I met him in Mr. Parvin's 3rd period who is proud to be Chinese and Filipino. He likes to play Call of Duty, and after every argument we've made amends. We are all very good friends He also has a friend named Joesph. I can’t picture this boy to be counted as a delinquent He’s so generous and thoughtful and he’s also so innocent, And he wants me to do these things but I love the ground, so I don’t even bother Does flips and stuff that would worry any mother he’s also a performer who works very well on stage But now its rugby season so new moments like these are sure to begin again Because when we went miles were what we had ran And always just enjoying it because we’d have to do all that before our practice had began Most of those times were spent laughing and enjoying our time, or to drive to Marbo Cave with our friend Ray. When he’s there I feel we cant go wrong Out on the field is where he belongs, He’s short but fast and one of the best kids Another one of the rugby boys, is what he is, He’s amazing at playing rugby and soccer, while only being a teen If you know him you’d know what I mean,
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