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No description

Mariam Ghazwani

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of Firewalls

What Is a Firewall?

Types of Firewalls.

Hardware firewall configuration.

Software firewall.
What Is a Firewall?
A firewall is a device or software that filters all traffic between a protected or “inside” network and a less trustworthy or “outside” network.

Firewall Types
Hardware firewall configuration.
Software firewall.
ex: NetScreen Device.
ex:Windows10 firewall rules.
Hardware firewall
A firewall that is built into a router or a stand-alone device. They tend to provide greater performance, are easier to administer and may offer greater protection than a software-based firewall in each user's machine.
Software firewall
Software installed in a user's computer that offers protection against unwanted intrusion and attacks coming from the Internet.
ex:Windows10 firewall rules.
ex: juniper
Any Question
Charles, S. L. (2015). Security in Computing. Pearson Education,.

Thank you
CYS 407: Digital Evidence Analysis
Mariam Ghazwani
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