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Disruptive Digital Transformation driven by Technology

No description

R. G.

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Disruptive Digital Transformation driven by Technology

Disruptive Digital Business Models driven by Technology
Banks are not subject to disruptive transformation
Banks are subject to disruptive transformation
Mobile Internet
Social Media
Analytics & Big Data
NFC, Sensors & Beacons
Internet of Things
Cloud computing
New Market Disruption
Unbanked & Underbanked
Low End Disruption
Digital Business Development Path

Why should we care as a bank on disruptive transformation?
In fact we shouldn't
Customer Inertia
Payment System Owner
It's a Threat
Wrong Mindset

Product in stead of customer focus
Bank Inertia
Universal Bank
Legacy System & Approach
Business Prevention Department
Tanker Organisation
New Entrants
Esablished Digital Natives

FinTech Start Ups
Its an opportunity!
Customer Base
Finance SME
Group IT
Revenue & Cash
Follow Up Fintech
Every individual picks up a small portfolio of 10 Fintech companies and follows up their evolution
Create a disruptive culture
Break through traditional patterns (JCF Title - Run/Change - Business/IT)

Digitalize in stead of digitize
Appoint a Chief Digitial Officer
Executive above traditional business & ITS departments ensuring that a company fully endorses a digital business model

According to Gartner, a predicted 25% of businesses will have created and filled the Chief Digital Officer title by 2015
Steepen our capability to deliver features to the market
Continuous Development & Continuous Integration

Endorse fully the API paradigm in order to build out an ecosystem around ING

Render our applications cloud compliant in order to allow for virtualization and to ensure scalability
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