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History: Hitler and Young People in Nazi Germany

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Morris Chen

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of History: Hitler and Young People in Nazi Germany

Christine Cherry Jim Morris Education Young People In Nazi Germany Hitler established many youth groups to further
brainwash the young people of Germany. In 1936,
Hitler passed two laws that merged all youth groups
into the 'Hitler Youth Movement.' In 1939, Hitler made
membership compulsory by passing two more laws.
There were 4 major groups, the DJV, JM, HJ, and
the BDM. The groups were strictly single sex and catered for children aged 10 to 18. Young Rebels Hitler and Young People in Nazi Germany Hitler manipulated education to indoctrinate young people into loving him. He believed that if he could get young people to idolize him, they will idolize him for the rest of their life.
Everyone in Germany had to attend school up to the age of 14. After that, education is optional. History Geography Mathematics Hitler used German School system to brainwash the students. In history lesson, they taught about the base of German's glory.For example, they had stated that German defeat at 1918 is because the Jewish weaken their system. They also taught that that the hyperinflation in 1923 is because there were too much jewish saboteurs who was very lazy. Another example is that they taught students that they sign the Treaty of Versaille is becuase other nations were jealous at them. Physical Education The Nazis taught young people the areas of land in the world that Germany would soon conquer. Eugenics There were Maths classes three times a week. All the word problems were related to war and were very violent. A plane on take off carries 12 bombs, each weighing ten kilos. The aircraft makes for Warsaw, the center of international Jewry. It bombs the town. On take off with all bombs on board and a fuel tank containing 1500 kilos of fuel the aircraft weighed 8 tonnes. When it returned from the crusade, there were still 230 tonnes of fuel left. What is the weight of the aircraft when empty? DJV
(Young German Folk) JM
(Young Girls) HJ
(Hitler Youth) BDM
(League of German Girls) Almost every German teenager were a part of the Hitler Youth. However, there were still some who disagreed with Hitler's viewpoints and decided to oppose to him. They formed gangs and appeared on street corners. They were made up of 14-17 year olds. Girls and Boys who be together and they would go hiking or camping without adult's supervision. They played their own music and would beat anyone up from The Hitler Youth, if they saw any. Physical Education had played an important curriculum of Nazi education. Hitler had expected all the boys are able to suffer pain. Those who did not pass the fitness test will be expelled from school or humiliated by those who passed. Also, Boxing and matching had take 15% of timetable per week. Those who were fitter and stronger will be send to Adolf Hitler school where train them to be the future leader. Typical Timetables The DJV consists of boys aged 10 - 14. It reinforced the National Socialist view of Aryan ideals and transmitted the Nazi idea of the Volksgemeinschaft (national or people's community). It emphasized the teaching of loyalty to Hitler and the regime, and it sponsored youth activity to reinforce the importance of male physical strength, vitality, and militarism at a very young age. In many parts of Germany, young boys were forced to join the Jungvolk as a requirement for school or just as a result of their town's orders. The JM consists of girls aged 10-14. The girls had to be ethnically and citizenship wise German and free of hereditary diseases. The Hitler Youth was established for German boys age 14-17. In the Hitler Youth, they were taught how to march, fight with knives, fire a gun, and play different sports. The Hitler Youth also organizes hikes and camps. By 1936, membership of the Hitler Youth became compulsory for all boys. By 1939, the vast majority of young Germans were part of the organization Boys Girls The League of German Maidens was for girls age 14-17. They go on tough marches and attend weekend camps, but most of their activities were different to the boys. They mainly learn how to keep fit, cook good meals and look after babies. They are being prepared for motherhood. 1
6 German (everyday)
History or Geography
Eugenics or Nazi Theory
Sport and Music Activities
Biology or Health and sex education
Maths BYE Lesson Lesson 1
6 German
History or Geography
Eugenics or Nazi Theory
Sport and Music Activities
Physics and Chemistry
PE: Boxing, Football and Marching
Maths Edelweiss Pirates They were the largest group of rebels that ever existed and wore a metal badge of the Edelweiss flower. They listened to forbidden swing music and folk songs, danced forbidden Jitterbug, wore tartan clothes and had their hair grew as long-side locks. They weren't only Anti-Nazi, but soon became Anti-authority. The Edelweiss Pirates wrote many Anti-Nazi graffiti on walls around Berlin. TYPICAL MATHEMATICS QUESTION Exam Questions a) What were Nazi views towards women and children? [5] b) Why was it important to win the hearts and minds of young people? [7] a) Hitler had very specific expectations of women. He thought that it is compulsory for all women to become good housewives and mothers. Hitler wanted to increase the birth rate - this would give him more boys for his armies and more girls to become housewives. He also wanted to fill up the Lebensraum. The Nazis thought that men were superior to women and they enforced their opinion in their campaign. Women were not expected to wear make-up or trousers. The dyeing of hair was not allowed nor were perms. Only flat shoes were expected to be worn. Women were discouraged from slimming as this was considered bad for child birth. Women were also discouraged from smoking - not because it was linked to problems with pregnancies - but because it was considered non-German to do so.

"In the Germanic nations there has never been anything else than equality of rights for women. Both sexes have their rights, their tasks, and these tasks were in the case of each equal in dignity and value, and therefore man and woman were on an equality."
Hitler in 1935 b) It was important for Hitler to win the hearts and minds of young people for many reasons. One was that he thought youngsters were innocent and pure, therefore, they are easy to brainwash and control. Secondly, Hitler thought that instead of taking control of adults and old people, youngsters are more likely to be physically strong, or easier to be trained. So, if Hitler won the hearts and minds of them, they would be more likely to help him in reaching his goal. Another reason was that adults and old people's minds were hard to manipulate. Plus, the youngsters were the next generation, so they are the future of Germany.
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