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Tiepolo Conspiracy

No description

Con Melanitis

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Tiepolo Conspiracy

Tiepolo conspiracy
By Con Melanitis

Who was Tiepolo and what was the plot?
Bajamonte Tiepolo was a Venetian noble, great-grandson of Doge Jacopo Tiepolo, grandson of Doge Lorenzo Tiepolo, son of Giacomo Tiepolo. He was unhappy with the policies of the reigning Doge and wanted to overthrow the old aristocracy.
The plot in place
The plot consisted of assembling in St Marks Square in orrder to attack the palace of the Doge and Kill him. However they were betrayed by one conspirator who warned the Doge. During the night, Venice had a severe storm which devided them into 2 groups whom set out to Venice Square. One group let by an ally Querini and the other by Tiepolo. When the rebels assembled outside the palace ready to atatck, some random old woman called Lucia Rossi looked out the window and by doing so accidently dropped a mortar onto the army killing many soldiers. This incident caused havoc amongst the insurgents who were subsequently easily defeated by the regular army.
Bajamonte Tiepolo 's problem with Gradenigo
Due to the Venitians war over Ferrara, on 27 March 1309 the Republic was excommunicated by Pope Clement V, barring all Christians from trading with Venice. The Doge's policy, seen by many as disastrous, led to a plot to depose him and the Great Council, led by Bajamonte Tiepolo and other members of the aristocratic families.
Ventiation Society around 1310
Pietro Gradenigo was in change of Venice as Doge of Venice from 1289 until 1311. He was unpopular within the community for 'locking the great council of venice' which restreicted members of the council to only nobel men disenfranchising a great majority of the population while creating an olagarchy.
As a reward for saving the city, Lady Lucia simply requested to have her house rent fixed at the same level until the fall of the Republic. The rebels also burned doiwn the Rialto bridge during this retreat.
Tieplo was exiled to the island of Istria
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