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Root Orange - Attorney.com

Root Orange's patent-pending technology allows multiple businesses to use generic domains exclusively on the local level. Generic domains increase ad campaign recall by 40-60%, a must-have when 40% of people can't remember the name or URL of a local busi

Root Orange

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Root Orange - Attorney.com

Attorney.com How Our Technology Works Attorney.com NYC Quebec Your Problem Montreal Research shows 40% of people can't remember the name or URL
of a business they patronize. That means they can't
remember Gowlings
either. How are they going to refer you
to their friends & colleagues? Your Problem How do you stand out from the crowd of law firms when they are all advertising
in the same places? The Solution Attorney.com Generic domains like Attorney.com increase click thru rates by 45-105%. This means you can save money on ads by spending less and getting more.

Ad recall increases up to 14x with generic words, increasing your offline ad ROI.

Word of mouth referrals increase due to easy-to-recall domain

Local users navigating to are routed to the local firm leasing this domain. Feel free to get in touch: Camilo Acosta
cacosta@rootorange.com 202-683-6015

Frank Langston
flangston@rootorange.com 202-683-6014 Most importantly....Gowlings would be the EXCLUSIVE user of this domain in whatever province you want! How & Where
to Use
Attorney.com Different Practices Areas
in Different Provinces Ontario Quebec Government Affairs
Practice International Trade
Practice Local users from... are routed to... Increase Marketing ROI
by Using it Across All Media TV Print
Google AdWords Radio
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