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Human Resources Policies

No description

Eric Storey

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of Human Resources Policies

Job Evaluation
Jobs evaluated based on skills, effort, responsibility and working conditions
Determines salary / wage
Job Descriptions reflect role and responsibilities
[HR 2.02]
Human Resources Policies
Employee Relations
Guide for New Employees
Conditions of Employment
The Abilities Centre is committed to... equal employment opportunity... [and] will treat all people fairly, with respect and dignity... free from discrimination
[HR 1.01]
SIN card; employment documents & agreement
Payroll Categories:
Hourly (T2DH)
Salaried (R0AU)
Hours of Work:
Full Time - 7.5 hours/shift, 5 shifts per week
Part Time - Fewer than 29 hours per week
Shifts longer than usual number of hours require mutual approval
[HR 1.03, 1.05, 1.06]
Absenteeism & Sick Days
Absenteeism (All employees):
Any absence will be recorded in EZLabor
Employees will be subject to counselling and/or discipline if they are absent or late without authorization for 3 occurrences in a 6 month period
Absence from three consecutive scheduled shifts will, in most cases, be considered voluntary resignation of employment
[HR 2.04]

Sick Days:
A total of 10 sick days are alloted, 2 of which are paid.

[HR 2.05]
Abilities Centre provides fair and equitable benefits based on industry practices [HR 3.01]
All employees at the Abilties Centre have our S-Drive at their disposal which embodies all information regarding benefits, vacation, leave of absence, parental leave; etc in conjunction with their employment status.
Pay and Performance
Pay and Performance
Employees will not allow personal relationships or interests to influence their behaviour or performance at work
[HR 4.02]
Abilities Centre provides a work environment free of discrimination that encourages initiative, open dialogue, and personal development
[HR 4.01]
Success depends on quality working relationship based upon mutual trust, respect, courtesy and tolerance
Principles of Conduct
Employees and volunteers shall conduct themselves consistent with our high standard of professionalism and service
The behaviour of employees will reflect the values expressed by Abilities Centre
[HR 4.04]
Accommodation and Protection
Abilities Centre will accommodate any employee that is able to perform the essential duties of the job [HR 4.03]
Abilities Centre is proud to have a diverse workforce and will reasonably accommodate religious observances [HR 4.07]
All employees' personal and private information will be kept confidential, and will only be used for the purposes for which it was collected [HR 4.06]

HR and management are always there to help!
Abilities Centre will be patient, fair and tolerant, and encourage employees to exercise self-discipline
Repeated, wilful or inexcusable breaches of policies, standard operating practices or normal business ethics are not acceptable
Discipline will be commensurate with the infraction committed
Disciplinary action may call for any of five corrective steps:
Informal counselling
Verbal warning
Written warning
Termination of employment
[HR 4.05]
All employees of the Abilities Centre are expected to dress in a professional manner
[HR 4.08]
Policy Manual Locations
Network Drive S:/

Front Desk Fitness Desk
Employment Standards Act (ESA)
Daily Limit: 8 hours a day
Daily Minimum: 3 hours a day
Break: 30 minutes after 5 consecutive hours
Weekly Limit: 44 hours a week
Rest Periods: 11 consecutive hours off each day
Vacation: 2 weeks or 4% vacation pay; 3 weeks or 6% vacation pay after 5 years of service.
Public Holidays: all of which are paid, AC is only closed for only Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Performance Review
Your manager will establish clear performance expectations and will help you to achieve them
Performance review is an on-going process, which includes a three (3) month probationary period evaluation, monthly competency reviews and an annual performance review.
[HR 2.03]
Benefits Principles, Vacation, & Holidays
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