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touchPro App

Mobile apps and mobile websites allow you to reach out to customers in ways that were not even possible before.

evita thornton

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of touchPro App

After watching, Website vs. Mobile App MY FIRST WEBSITE I needed to have a website or I wasn't a legit business.
I had to pay extra for Search Engine Optimization
(whatever that is).
A few people came to my website for an explanation of my business and where to find me. $1,000 Website Pretty cool. Now I look like the BIG guys...
Right? Fast Forward 2012 The NEWEST Hottest Thing
MOBILE APPS There are now more smartphones in the market than PCs'
There will be over 2 billion connected mobile devices by 2015
There were 1.3 billion phone app downloads just on Christmas day 2011 alone
There were over 70 million tablet sales just in 2011 Now the BIG guys have Mobile Apps you tell me... Chances are that as you read this, you have your smartphone within 6 feet of you right now; well so do your customers! How do I increase my digital footprint while finding the latest marketing trends? 2006 But, I don't have the BIG guys bank accounts. Now an Affordable Custom Mobile App Do you mean I can have my own business mobile app at a price that even
I can afford? 3 app platforms - Apple, Android and Mobile Website INTRODUCING Now that you've weighed it all out, you must have it all... website, mobile app and mobile website. So what's the answer Website or Mobile App..... Push Notifications: Send important messages about upcoming events, special offers or news alerts directly to your customer's mobile devices. Fan Wall: Create instant social proof by letting customers post comments to your Fan Wall. There is no greater spokesperson for your business than a happy client. FEATURES GPS Directions: Make it easy for anyone with your app to find your location. This could be for one or many stores or for venues that constantly change their location. QPS/QR Coupons: Reward customer loyalty for checking in or for making purchases. You set the number of times your customer's rack up points on their "virtual punch card" before they get to redeem their special offer. Convenient Functionality: Entice your customers to use YOUR APP to perform convenient functions for them, like a tip calculator or QR code scanner. Go Viral: Tell-a-Friend feature lets your customers easily share all the great value of having your app with their friends. Event Listings: Organize and display all of your business's events inside of your application. Educate and Inform: Whether it's a menu for your restaurant or everything about your business, you can present information to your audience in a structured mobile format. Social Media Integration: Easily integrate the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ One-Touch Calling and Emailing: Contacting you is that easy for your customers. Video Integration: Your YouTube Channel can be embedded right in your app. Or stream live from your mobile device to your app. Photo Gallery and Email Photo: Post all of your favorite photos and let your customers send their photos directly to you. Mailing List: Use your app for a convenient method of lead capture or data collection. Integrations: We make it easy to integrate outside services. Whether it's Open Table for reservations, an appointment-setting service for a salon, robust forms using WooFoo, or podcasts with SoundCloud, we can integrate it with your app. And now you can afford it. TouchPro
Business Apps *Monthly service fees start at $50. No Contracts.
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