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AVID Binder Introduction

10th Grade Assembly I Gateway High School I Fall 2015

Andrea Slusarski

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of AVID Binder Introduction

Gateway High School
AVID Binder Welcome

Huddle Ice Breaker
Questions about your binder?
Miss Slusarski
ART - rm 608

Mr. Hagerman
SCIENCE - rm 426
What is AVID?
Proven achievement.
Lifelong Advantage.
AVID is a set of strategies that will help strengthen and improve your success in school and beyond.
The AVID Binder
why the binder?
Through the use of your AVID binder, you will be practicing and utilizing the powers of organization to help with success in all of your classrooms.
It is important to bring your clean and structured binder to every class!
Your AVID binder should include in the following order;

1. Homework Sleeve (Front Cover)
(Place all of your daily homework in here)
2. Materials Pouch
(Please keep a pen, pencil, and highlighter)
3. Binder Agreement
4. Calendar
5. Your Student Schedule + Transcript
6. Blank Ruled Paper
7. Class Dividers (Organized by your schedule)
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