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100 B-Day "Speech"

Health and Wellness

Nisha Patel

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of 100 B-Day "Speech"

Adulthood Married (age of 25) her long-term boyfriend
Moved to San Jose, California for work
Had 2 kids: 1 boy, 1 girl (both studied French through middle and high-school just like their mother
Continued to hold fundraisers for small charities around San Jose
Promoted to Executive Vice president of The Dow Chemical Company at age of 38
She retired at the age of 60 Childhood Young Adulthood Graduated from University of Michigan
Major in Chemical Engineering
Minor in Business
Masters in Business Administration
Held multiple internships in her summers at college
Graduated in 2022
Got her first job at Dow Chemical
Activities: Volunteering, Planning fundraisers, going to college games Senior 3 grandchildren
Still happily married
Had 75th anniversary this year
Still lives in San Jose, Texas
Achievements: Successfully created a non-profit volunteer organization
Is a happy old lady
Loves to travel; her favorite travel destination is still Nice, France Have A Great Birthday and Hope You Have Many More! Born on May 1st, 1998 in Saginaw, Michigan
11 year old, younger sister named Reema
Favorite subject: Math, History, French
She ended up studying 6 years of French through middle and high school
Schools: Woodcrest Elementary, Jefferson Middle School, Dow High School
Activities: swim, golf, volunteering, debate, piano, dance, Student Union, CHANCE, organizing fundraisers
She was always hard working, a leader, caring, responsible, organized, and an honor student Happy 100th Birthday Nisha! Presented by Minhyo Kango
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