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Simply Salt and Our Foods: Botana

No description

Autumn Arthurs

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Simply Salt and Our Foods: Botana

Our Audience
Hispanic Americans
15-30 years old
High presence on social media
Highly involved around the city
Need for snacking to keeping them going throughout their busy day
Product- 10 oz. bag of Botana Chips
Price- $1.50
Place- Our Foods Stores
Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
Events, TV, Print, Billboard, Website
Paper Ad
Left brained for busy students and professionals
Direct & to the point
20% of population represented in target audience

Overall Hispanic population 44.6%

Lively, entertaining city
"Arts, galleries and theaters
Casinos & nightlife
Golf, sports & outdoors
Spas and Salons
Wineries, Breweries, Dining"
Todo queso, todo sobre ti y todo que ti haces.
We are...
Autumn Arthurs- Head of Logistics
Roxy McBride- Head of Design
Tuan Nguyen- Head Online Coordinator
Simply Salt
Simply Salt and Our Foods
Social Media
Our Products
Traditional Advertising
Product recognition

Brand loyalty

Introduction of new products
Translation from Spanish: snack
Easy to pronounce
9 SKUs
All tortilla chips
Sales at: 2012: $14,495 2013: $16,301
Age of target market works with top social media users
Different media fronts reach out to large range target audience
Facebook- more general audience
Instagram- more specific target audience
2014 Hispanic Flavor Trends

• Blends of sweet and savory notes.
Cream, custard, steamed milk, chocolate, cinnamon, espresso, guava, mango, coconut, pineapple and tamarind flavors.
• Parmesan, asiago, romano blends
• Natural cheese and dairy flavors
• Montery Jack and Nacho cheese
• Manchego and crumbly Cotija
• White rice and beans

Demographic Details and Predictions
By 2050, Hispanics are predicted to be the largest ethnic group in the US

Expanding 167% in the next 40 years

Hispanics include: Puerto Rican, Cuban, Spanish, Central and South Americans

Hispanic buying power is expected to hit $1.4 trillion in the next 2 years (spending a higher percentage of their income on groceries)

Television Commercials
Expanded from online photo campaign

Focus on popular Albuquerque events- Balloon Fiesta

Celebrity Sponsorship
Sofía Vergara
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