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colonial boston

No description

McAllister Kosar

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of colonial boston

Colonial Boston On March, 5th 1770 the boston Massacre took place. five people died, it started when people were throwing snowballs and yelling at a british soldiers. One man hit a british soldier with a club, so in deffense the soldiers responded in fire. In 1773 parliment passed the tea act to put taxes on tea. Colonists didn't like the taxes so they dressed like Mohawk indians and boarded the british ships full of 2 million pounds of tea. They broke open the boxes and poured all the tea in the ocean. Stamp act 1765 Townshend act 1767 Red coats arrive 1768 Boston massacre 1770 Tea act 1773 Boston tea party december, 16th, 1773
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