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Alonzo Alvarez De Pineda

No description

Nate Essick

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Alonzo Alvarez De Pineda

Alonzo Alvarez De Pineda Born in Aldeacentenera, Alonzo was a spanish explorer and cartographer. Born 1494. Died 1520 Alonzo was an explorer who worked for Spain.. Who did he work for? Where did he explore? He mapped the western coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, discovered Florida was not an island, and was the first European to see Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Why is he famous? He proved that Ponce de Leon's
idea that Florida is not an island. Impact of discovery. He discovered the Mississippi river so if he
hadn't people couldn't use it as transportation for cargo so we couldn't have some products we need. Fun fact: He was the first european man to view the northern Gulf coast of the U.S Resources: http://www.lib-art/art-prints/alonso-alvarez-de-pineda-picture.html
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