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Ariella Mamann

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of THE HUNGER GAMES

The Hunger Games
A Hero's Journey 1. Ordinary World
2. Call To Adventure
3. Refusal of the Call
4. Meeting with the Mentor
5. Crossing the first threshold
6. Tests, Allies & Enemies
7. Approach
8. Ordeal
9. Reward
10. The Road Back
11. Ressurection Hero
12. Return with Elixir Ordinary World In The Hunger Games, the ordinary world to Katniss Everdean is her hometown, District 12 Call To Adventure At the reaping, Katniss is presented with a challenge when
her sister, Prim, gets chosen to be a tribute. Katniss then takes it upon herself to volunteer to protect her sister. This is her
call to adventure. Refusal of the Call In the Hunger Games, Katniss never really has a time when she refuses a challenge but there are several times when she is scared. For example, the night before she enters the arena, she could not sleep because of the fear instilled in her. Meeting with the Mentor When Katniss arrives on the train for
the first time, she meets her mentor,
Haymitch. Haymitch was a former victor
that was there to help guide and train
both Katniss and Peeta. Crossing the First Threshold Katniss crosses the first threshold when she
goes into the arena. It symbolizes the starting
of the Hunger Games, which changes her life. It
is when she leaves her "ordinary" life and dives
into something much deeper. Tests, Allies & Enemies When katniss enter the arena,
she is faced with various
tests, allies and enemies. Her
enemies include the alliance of
Cato, Glimmer, Foxface and Clover.
Katniss' main ally is Rue. Approach When the evil alliance found where she was, Katniss
had no other approach other than to run. Eventually,
she climbed up a tree; but ultimatly needed to come
down. To fix this problem, Katniss must cut down a
"tracker jacker" hive in order to escape. Ordeal The biggest life or death crisis that occurs is when Katniss' leg gets burned. She was in an abundance of pain and suddenly she got a package from her sponsor, which saved her life. Reward Katniss' reward is life. Because she won the Hunger Games, she gets to live and go back to District 12 to her mother and sister. The Road Back Katniss' road back is when she finally returns to her ordinary world (her home), district 12 and back to her old life. Resurrection Hero There is a time where Katniss faces death again but not in the first movie, but eventually she does. Return With Elixir The Elixir that Katniss brings back to District 12 is the
lesson of hope. She is a clear example of anything being
possible which is comforting to people in her society. 7 Archetypes 1. The Hero
2. Mentor
3. Threshold Guardian
4. Herald

5. Shapeshifter
6. The Shadow
7. Trickster Hero There is no doubt that the true hero of The
Hunger Games is Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist.
She risks her life for her sister and sacrifices everything
she has. Also, she eventually makes life for her distract
easier because she won the hunger games. Mentor Even though, at the very beginning, Haymitch seems
uninterested in the two tributes, he proves himself
to be the mentor. Not only does he train Katniss, he
gave her courage which led to her victory. Threshold Guardian The threshold guardian in The Hunger Games is the arena itself. This is because the arena tests Katniss and pushed her to limits she did not knew she had. Herald Effie Trinket is the Herald because she hosted the
reaping and announced Katniss' sister which led to
Katniss taking place in the Hunger Games. She
disrupted Katniss' ordinary life to bring her to the
Capitol. Shapeshifter Seneca Crane is the shapeshifter because
sometimes he wants to help Katniss, but other
times he does not. But mostly tried to cause her
harm. For example, starting the forest fire. The Shadow President Snow is the shadow because he does not care about
the tributes lives and just wants to put on a good show. He mostly cares about power and he is so controlling that Katniss eventually rebels against him. President Snow and Katniss do
not have the same goals. Trickster Cato is the trickster because he gives
the story a bit of comic relief while
causing chaos throughout the whole
time in the arena. Theme of The Hunger Games Sacrifice In my opinion, one of the main themes of The Hunger Games is sacrifices. In the movie, Katniss sacrifices so much. She sacrifices her innocence by choosing to take care of her family after her father died. She also sacrifices her freedom by volunteering as tribute instead of her sister. But her biggest sacrifice was that she was going to give up her life in order to make a point - so the people of the Capitol do not have total control.
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