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English Film Project

"The Goonies" Analysis

Olivier Fillion

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of English Film Project

Film Analysis Project Plot:
A group of kids find an old treasure map to a hidden pirate ship and embark on a wild adventure to find the treasure, in order to save their neighborhood from being torn down. Theme:
Achieving your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. The Goonies:
Directed by Richard Donner
Written by Stephen Speilberg and Chris Columbus
Released in the summer of 1985
Main actors: Sean Astin, Josh Brolin , Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldmon, Kem Green, Martha Pimpton, and Jon Ke Quan
Filmed in Warner Boulevard studios located in Burbank, California In the movie, Photography In the still of the pirate ship inside the cave
McLean used a wide angled lens to capture the remarkable scene. You can also see the lighting shining down upon the ship through the sails and upon the ship giving it a old vintage musty look to it. The photography in this movie was great
whether it was the Fratelli car chase with the high speed turns or the waterslide inside of the cave the cinematographer Nick McLean knew how to capture every bit of it with precision. One of the most iconic compositions
of the movie is the ending scene of the movie when everyone is on the beach looking into the distance at the pirate ship sailing away , this created a mood of relief and happiness that they accomplished their task . Costumes and Makeup The costumes and makeup of this movie
also fitted very well with the whole adventure type and for makeup "Sloth" played by John Matuszak speaks for itself. Sloth's makeup was a long lengthy process each and every filming day makeup consisted of 15 overlapping sections. Foam latex was sculpted around a mechanical headpiece that allowed sloth’s droopy eye and dumbo ears to move and function. Data's Costume was very well made with all of his Gadgets and instruments he was like a miniature inspector gadget setting booby traps and saving his friends with his unique gadgets such as “Slick shoes” “Pinchers of Peril” and the “Bully Buster”. and without data's help The goonies would have never made it. Setting The setting of this movie was a perfect place to film this movie , the rainy and gloomy town of Astoria , in Oregon it gave you the feel of mystery and adventure. Genre: "The Goonies" falls under catagories such as Action/Family/Comedy. Action because of the treasure hunt and adventure the children go on, Family because of the cute witty humor, sometimes a little more adultarated, and Comedy because most of the movie had you laughing. Other movies in the Action genre include the "Indian Jones" movies. In Comedy other movies include the earliest recorded comedy William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." And in family genre the "Ice Age" movies, and other cartoons like "A Bugs Life." Acting: The main character in this movie is a boy named Mikey who is played by Sean Astin. Mikey is your typical little boy who has friends that usually get him into trouble. The way that the director was able to depict the feeling and emotion of a little boy when his friends break something of his mom's is unbelievable, it was like a recreation of past experiences, but the best part of the movie is the supporting cast, the best out of all of them, Data a kind of loud, but very funny little "inventor" with gadgets that save the Goonies while on their adventure. Data's asian accent is quite heavy so you can barely make out what he is saying at times but that is what makes him completely lovable. By Olivier Fillion, Andrew Moore, Nicole Musthaler, Cristian Razo Sound An invigorating music traced the slide down the waterfall, and a sence of paradise in the piece when they come across a wishing well. A long thin note is played by strings as the Goonies hear snarling. Music builds slowly along spooky lines as they explore. Stinger as they see "Sloth" and run with music expressing terror and flight. Special Effects "Mikey" lining the doubloon up with the rocks in the ocean is actually a special-effects composite from Industrial Light & Magic. The doubloon and the kids were filmed in front of a blue screen , which was later matched to a shot of the rest of the background. The cliff was built with a large set with six floor sections designed to fall away on cue. Just like that five a half feet. There are matte paintings and miniature sets designed to give the organ room a sense of depth and jeopardy to it.
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