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Outer Planets

Get info on outer planets and Pluto on our solar system.

Baltazar Rodriguez

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Outer Planets

Outer Planets Jupiter Size:88,736 miles Surface:Hot ball of gas and liquid Temp:-234 F Rotation:9hrs 55min Revolution:12 Earth years Distance from sun:483.88 million miles Moons: 63 Saturn Size:74,978 miles Rotation:10hrs 40min 24 sec Revolution:29 1/2 Earth years Distance from sun:
887.14 million miles Rings: 4 Moons: 31 Surface: liquid and gas Temp: -288 F Rings: 1,000? Uranus Atmosphere: hydrogen and helium Size: 32,193 miles Rotation: 17 hrs Revolution: 84 Earth years Distance from sun:
2,796.46 million miles Moons: 27 Surface: little is known Temp: -353 F Rings: 11 Atmosphere: hydrogen, helium, and methane The outer and inner planets are seperated by the astroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Neptune Size: 30,775 miles Rotation:16hrs 7min Revolution: 165 Earth years
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