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No description

David Williams

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Portugal

Population: 10.53 million

Location: Southwestern Europe

Capital: Lisbon

Currency: Euro

Imports and Exports
Top 5 Imports:
Crude petroleum
Vehicle parts
petroleum gas
refined pertoleum
Top 5 Exports:
Refined petroleum
Vehicle parts
Leather footwear
uncoated paper
Reasons to Visit Portugal
Its a beautiful country with majestic beaches.
The climate is warm in the winter
The food is very good and the people are welcoming
How to get Around
There are many ways to get around in Portugal. Options include boat, hitching, bus, bicycle, car or motorcycle. They have rivers going through Portugal so sometimes the only option is boat.
Where to spend your time
Algarve is their most famous beach that is world renowned and has been the same since the 18th century. Another place to spend your time is in their capital of Lisbon where they have many beautiful monuments and shows Portugal's history.
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