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Our Shared Future, Malta

No description

Emily Lim

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Our Shared Future, Malta

A growing community of change-makers from 30 countries, our 5000 members and associates are connecting across borders - "the power of the network". Network of leaders who share values built around creative positive social impact. Developments in EU Policy So the Commission suggested a Social Enterprise "label" For this to work, it must avoid putting a strait jacket around an emerging industry and killing experimentation Filippo Addarii Euclid Network Euclid Network is the European Social Enterprise Pilots include: International Social Innovation Competition for Naples (Naples 2.0) Policy work includes: Reform of the European financial regulation and extension of Social Business Initiative beyond EU PLUS Impact investing coming from London - Sir Ronald Cohen's social impact bond and big society capital Ashoka, especially networks from US (globalisation plan)... Aspen Institute... Mott... Soros... Gates... Clinton Foundation... Schwab Foundation... PLUS coops and mutuals Last century: There's currently no universally accepted definition of Until this point, the closest to a definition was a description given in the draft legislative proposal for European Social entrepreneurship funds: (i) has the achievement of measurable, positive social impacts as a primary objective in accordance with its articles of association, statutes or any other statutory document establishing the business, where:
– the undertaking provides services or goods to vulnerable or marginalised persons; or
– the undertaking employs a method of production of goods or services that embodies its social objective;
(ii) uses its profits to achieve its primary objective instead of distributing profits and has in place predefined procedures and rules for any circumstances in which profits are distributed to shareholders and owners;
(iii) is managed in an accountable and transparent way, in particular by involving workers, customers and stakeholders affected by its business activities." A Social Enterprise is a “qualifying portfolio undertaking which What are the Challenges? Realised Impact In essence, Social Enterprise pursues public good from economic activities without depending on others either public funding or private philanthropy. Social Enterprise needs to devise a way to attract and reward private investment without losing focus Already there is Social Enterprise coming from developing countries In the early days of globalisation, American networks spread by relying on corporate philanthropy and Europeans on aid policy but the future will be challenging. Social Enterprise has to meet IT and social media revolution Global Trends - Public service delivery by charities already with New Labour Purists look for incremental benefits under a new tag (Social Business Initiative ) The Innovators see the SBI as the third way between competitiveness and social inclusion policies The UK as a global hub New legal form: CIC SEC, Unltd, SEL, BC program etc. New support agencies: SIB, Social Finance, Venturesome etc. Social investments: Skoll Foundation at Saïd Business School, School of Social Entrepreneurs etc. Academic: Guardian Social Enterprise Network etc. Media What's your business model? What's your plan to increase impact? How do you generate income? My questions to you How would you scale up/out - (replicate etc.) Open Hardware
Makers Movement 2008: President Barroso hosts first workshop on Social Innovation 2010: Social Innovation Europe launched: platform for knowledge-sharing and connecting practitioners, part of EU innovation strategy www.socialinnovationeurope.eu 2011: The Social Business Initiative is included in the single market act 2012 Commissioner Barnier sets up GECES (Groupe d'Experts de la Commission sur l'entrepreneuriat social) Legal definition vs. realising social impact Social impact measurement Return on investment: non-profit vs profit re-distribution
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