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Comparison Between the Italina Mafia and the Japanes Yakuza

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chad lee

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Comparison Between the Italina Mafia and the Japanes Yakuza

Comparison between the
JAPANESE YAKUZA BY: Chad James -Up rising of the two gangs

-Chain of command within the

-The illegal actives they are
involved with Sub-Topics -The Italian Mafia was believed to be started in the mid-nineteenth century in Sicily, Italy.

-As each group of the mafia known as family or clan. Would expand there territory in which they operate, it would usually be towns, villages or even neighborhoods.

-Not long after having many clashes with other network gangs in southern Italy, they began to emigrate to Northern American.

-The American Mafia then arose from offshoots from the Italian Mafia. Up rising of the Italian Mafia Did you know? "Mafia" is a criminal organization originating in Sicily.
However, the term "mafia" has
become a generic term for any organized criminal network
with similar structure, methods, and interests. Up rising of the Japanese Yakuza -Yakuza's history traces its origins to the Tokugawa era, known as the final period of traditional Japan.(1603-1867)

- Japan had come a long way from its period of civil war, but was not yet a stable nation during its transformation to the Tokugawa era.

-Tokugawa era the newfound era of peace. It left as many as 500,000 samurai unemployed.

-Since there were not many jobs for the samurais, many of them turned to thievery and criminal methods to support themselves

-Then the Yakuza was formed by these samurais and began by arrangement in a family fashion based not upon bloodline but by adoption, much like the Italian Mafia. Chain of Command
with in the Mafia - The Mafia has a chain of command just like any wealthy business or company.

-The chain of command starts from Associates all the way to the Boss of all Bosses.

- Associates are not actual members of the Mafia but rather anyone who teams up with them on a criminal enterprise of some kind.

- Next is the soldiers lowest-ranking members of the hierarchy of the Mafia they are the grunts and do most of the "dirty-work".

-Then you have the "Capo" he is a leader of a division of soldiers within the mafia he ranks much higher in the hierarchy of the mafia.

-The highest ranking position in the italian hierarchy is know as "boss of all bosses". This job details of running underground crime and keeping all branches of the mafia in line. Chain of command within
Japanese mafia Yakuza - The hierarchy of the Yakuza is much different from the italian mafia.

-Yakuza consist of members of organized crime syndicates in Japan.

-There are 22 gangs of the Yakuza that are divided and compete for wealth and title, through out Japan.

-You would gain your power through out the 22 fractions of the gangs, with how much money you would have.

- There is 83,000 gangster operating in the 22 gang syndicates, which would contribute to a mob-controlled economy worth an estimated 20 trillion yen($242 billion) .

_ they would make this money from prostitution, loan sharking, gambling and drug smuggling. Illegal activities within the
Italian Mafia -The mafia is best known for drug trafficking but at the same time these groups don’t limit themselves just to drug running.

-They also partake in illegal gambling, political corruption, kidnapping, fraud, murders, bombings, and weapons trafficking

-With all this illegal activities brings money, Industry experts in Italy estimate that their worldwide criminal activity is worth more than $100 billion dollars annually. Illegal activities within the
Japanese Yakuza -Members of the gang would partake in loansharking and offering local business protection that "the state is unfit to provide".

-They also have links with trade unions such as longshoremen, construction companies and business involved with waste and garbage disposal.

- They make huge profits selling counterfeit phones and worked with illegal drug manufacturers in North Korea.

-Also involved with the selling of doctored passports and engage in credit card fraud Conclusion ! Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicilian_Mafia




http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/mafia Through out this project I showed you the differences and some similarities between the two well organized gangs. But the truth is for being virtual on other sides of the world branching from Northern America to Italy and Japan, they are very alike from anywhere from their illegal activities to there chain of command and hierarchy with in the gangs.
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