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Patrick Suskind

No description

Sheena A

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Patrick Suskind

Patrick Suskind: German Writer Extrodinaire The Birth of An Astounding Novelist Patrick Suskind: Principal focuses in literature Patrick Suskind was born in Ambach, located near Munich, Germany in 1949. His father, Wilhelm Emanuel Süskind, was both a writer and journalist who wrote works regarding the Nazi era while his mother was a sports trainer and his brother, Martin E. Suskind, was also a journalist. Furthermore, Patrick Suskind is a descendant of the exegete Johann Albrecht Bengel as well as the reformer Johannes Brenz. Patrick Suskind studied history (Medieval and Modern) at two universities: the University of Munich and the University of Aix-en-Provence. Moreover, Suskind's original dream was to become a pianist, however due to issues with his hands he was unable to fulfill that dream. In 1974, Suskind received his Master of Arts degree at the University of Aix-en-Provence. University Studies and Primary Aspirations Suskind, as such an influential member of the Arts community, was nominated for several awards and was offered many significant awards such as the FAZ-Literaturpreis, the Tukanpreis, and the Gutenbergpreis. Since 1996 after refusing a prize from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, he refused to accept any awards. Awards and interviews? ...no thank you. Suskind currently lives an isolated life in Munich, Paris, and Montolieu, France and has become to be rather known as a "hermit". Moreover, he refuses to take interviews or speak with members of the media. Patrick Suskind Now: Isolate and Withdrawn Suskind focused greatly on the "average outsider" throughout several of his works. Not only did he focus on the motivations of an outsider but an insight into the behavioral aspects of the outsider. For example, in Perfume, Jean Baptiste Grenouille is a character that since birth has been an outsider who not only behaves differently from the norm but has completely different motivations. Furthermore, it is to be noted that Suskind himself is a rather "outsider" with different motivations than the norm. Question #1- Where and in what year was Patrick Suskind born? Question #2- What did Patrick Suskind orignally study in university? Patrick Suskind became not only a German best-seller but a worldwide sensation. From having his plays performed all across the globe in places such as Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, London, and New York! Some of his works include Der Speigel, The Pigeon, The Story of Mr.Sommer, Three Stories and a Reflection and On Love and Death and of course Das Parfum. A playwright is born... Question #3- What was the name of Suskind's first play? BONUS: Name three places where it was performed. Question #4- What was one award that Suskind could have gained but refused? Suskind wrote a plethora of television scripts and plays including Kir Royal, Monaco France, Der Koutrabass and Rossini, with Rossini and Der Kountrabass being the most well-known of his television related works. Suskind: Television scripts and plays Question #5- What is one of Suskind's well-known television works called? Question #6- Where does Suskind currently reside? Novelist, playwright, writer, critic, and screenwriter Suskind in France Suskind explored Southern France, in areas renown for their perfume creating skills. Here, Suskind not only gathered materials for his later book "Das Parfume" but also explored perfuming in general. Meanwhile... Meanwhile, in 1981, Suskind became known as one of the most influential German playwrites as a result of the premier of "Dar Kontrabass", a piece of work that was rejected numerous times until it was finally allowed to be published. Perfume Not soon after, in 1984, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung contacted Suskind with interest in publishing Suskind's "Perfume". Over 6 million copies were sold all across the globe, making Suskind a German bestseller and international sensation. “There was only one thing the perfume could not do. It could not turn him into a person who could love and be loved like everyone else. So, to hell with it he thought. To hell with the world. With the perfume. With himself”
- Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Suskind and Germany Although the novel is centered around 18th century France, the author is of German decent. In Perfume the main character Grenouille has been compared to Adolf Hitler by critics. This is a fair statement because if there were a T-chart of the characteristics of Grenouille and Adolf Hiter it is safe to say there would be similarities. Bcause of this connection, the novel is liked to Germany's Nazi past. PLAGIARISM... Many of the critics of Perfume say that Patrick Suskinds style
of writing is plagiarized because it mimics a few other authors
style of writing. But many other people have said that styles of writing cannot not be plagiarized but recreated. The issue of the possibility of plagiarism has been a toic of discussion, but, because
Patrick Suskind does not take interviews he has not addressed the matter. Religion When reading through Perfume
some inferences can be made also
by what the author thought of religion.
In the novel Suskind pretty much tells us
how he feels about religion, by telling us
that it is corrupted. First at the very begging
in part one when Grenouille smells the priest,
"And all at once he felt as if he stank, of sweat
and vinegar, of choucroute and unwashed
cloths." (17), and then again in part 2.
Grenouille does not have any sence
of morality yet he knows entire
passages of the bible
and recreates
them to make
himself as if
he were
god. Jean Baptiste Grenouille and Adolf Hitler - Unlikeable
- Inhuman childhoods
- Hitler's father abandonded him likewise Grenouille's mother abonded him
- Great knowdlege and astounding intuition of mankind and humans that allows them to control whoever they want to
- Want to be worshipped "We are familiar with people who seek out solitude: penitents, failures, saints, or prophets. They retreat to desers, preferably, where they live on locusts and honey. Others, however, live in caves or cells on remote islands; some-more spectacularly- squate in cages mounted high atop poles swaying in the breeze" Patrick Suskind
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