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NonProfit Social Media

Using Twitter as a Tool for Nonprofits

Kathryn Waggoner

on 13 July 2011

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Transcript of NonProfit Social Media

Why don't we watch a video. CCFA, NYLC, and Social Media: Using Social Media to Fulfill Our Mission and to Reach Our Audiences Nate Treffisien and Kathryn Waggoner 20 college students from across the nation
Leaders invested in furthering CCFA's mission
Focus on youth affected by Crohn's and Colitis
Focus on advocacy, awareness, and fundraising NYLC: Some Background Empowered by Youth. (in short) We are a Council of Action, Our Projects? Youth Unite
Day on the Hill Forums
Campus Fundraisers
Much More You should that a lot. (Hint: it's free) Who are we? What do we do? We develop and implement programs for youth affected by IBD.
We fundraise on our own campuses.
We advocate for IBD youth in our home and college communities.
We create awareness for IBD using social media platforms. Our Audience? Youth
College Students
Parents SO... with Social Media? Social Media is not a fad. Moral of the story... It's a lifestyle that statistics show. And a revolution that the CCFA has a part in as a non-profit organization. Let's look at Facebook. Facts:
Facebook has more than 500 million active users.
63% of users are under the age of 35.
50% of users log into Facebook everyday. What does that mean for the CCFA? Facebook is a place where people
(all over the world)
come to interact and converse
(about all sorts of topics). The Essentials? Social Media? Social Media is our primary platform.
We have expanded our efforts on Facebook and Twitter in the past year.
These expansions have increased our presence and created new dialouge with youth. Let's look at our Facebook efforts. Here's what we like... Many Platforms Media Blogs Short interactions Frequent Updates Apps Getting Connected Our Plan Build Up Media Content Connecting People Increased Sharing Building Fundriasing Ability for Youth What do youth want to see? Social Media provides a platform for conversation with people affected by IBD. It's a place to... Fundraise
Raise Awareness
Build Support It's a place where CCFA, with NYLC, can strengthen interactions with our youth audience. Sharing More statistics? NYLC Facebook Statistics >1700% increase of Likes in June >10,000 post views in June Monthly Active Users: Number of People who have interacted with Page, whether or not a Fan CCFA National Page - Age Distribution CCFA NYLC Page - Age Distribution www.ccfa.org/advocacy CCFA NYLC Facebook Page - Youtube Tab ccfanylc.wordpress.com www.twitter.com/heifer iPhone App Store stories.facebook.com stories.facebook.com www.facebook.com/nationalmssociety What have we learned? The more we interact, the more feedback we get
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