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Toilet Paper

No description

Alexandra Nguyen

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Project
Which toilet paper brand is strongest?
Our hypothesis is that Charmin would be the strongest out of Swallow and Bath Tissue, because Charmin has better commercials.
~ Quarters
~ Water
~ Scale
~ Eye dropper
~ Cup
~ Toilet paper
Procedures Numbers 1-4
1. Put one square of toilet paper from each brand on the table, and label each brand next to the square.

2. Weigh all the quarters on a scale to make sure the quarters are all the same mass.

3. Put 15 drops of water in the center of each square.

4. Put the same amount of mass of quarters on each square. Put only one quarter each time.
Procedures Numbers
5. Lift up each square to see if it rips.

6. If the square rips, write down the amount of quarters that made it rip.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 till all of the toilet paper rip.

8. After all the toilet paper rips repeat steps twice to make sure the data is accurate.
Bath Tissue:3quarters
Bath Tissue:3quarters
Bath Tissue:6quarters
Our hypothesis was that Charmin was the strongest out of Swallow and Bath tissue. Our hypothesis was correct. Charmin had 11, 12, and 9 quarters for each trial, while Bath Tissue had 3, 3, and 6 quarters for each trial, and Swallow had 1, 2, and 1 quarter(s) for each trial. Charmin has an average of 11 quarters, Bath Tissue 4 quarters, and Swallow 1 quarter. This shows that Charmin is the strongest! We can learn that swallow isn't very strong, but Charmin is. A consumer would be interested in our results, because the consumer wouldn't want to buy toilet paper that would rip in their hand or the toilet paper getting suck in their behind. Some errors we occurred was that we didn't put enough drops of water at first, so we had to change the number of drops. If we redid our experiment, we would have got more brands of toilet paper to test.
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