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Lord of the Flies & Lost

No description

Carlee Chambers

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies & Lost

Double click anywhere & add an idea Lord of the Flies & Lost Ralph Jack Responsible
Leadership Confident Stubborn Reliant Controlling Determined Courageous Tactical Barbaric Ralph is always concerned about keeping the fire going for people to come find them.
Tries to take care of the littluns and make sure they are usually safe.
When All the boys except the littluns and Simon go on the hunt for the beast in the mountains Ralph sends Simon to go tell Piggy that they wont be home for a while and to stay with piggy so he is not alone (Golding 128)
This reminds me of Jack from Lost when he is helping everyone at the beginning and making sure everyone is safe and healthy.
In the very beginning he is the one to call all the other children together, with Piggy's advice to do so (Golding 12)
Throughout the novel he becomes less of a leader because everyone starts to give into the barbaric way of living and behaving which is Jack's way, and therefore Jack becomes more of a leader.
Ralph starts to give into this way when they are pretending Robert is a pig and pocking at him and Ralph starts to feel the savagery inside himself (Golding 124)
The leadership character trait in Ralph reminds me of Jack from Lost. Jack took on the role as the leader in the very beginning just like Ralph, they were both in a way, elected leaders. In the beginning Ralph found the conch and blew it to bring everyone together, this was also Piggy's idea (Golding 12)
He is the first to talk at the assembly of business when everyone else was shy to come up in front of everyone. (Golding 84)
The confidence in Ralph reminds me of John Lock from Lost. When the people start getting tired of fruits and the foods are starting to become low John goes out and hunts.
He starts to take control of the hunting and when the people split into two groups, one at the caves the others at the beach, John becomes more of a leader than before. Does not want to give into the savage way of thinking and tries to ignore it as long as possible even when he first experiences the thirst of savagery (Golding 124).
When some of the others are saying that food and hunting is more important than the fire he does not give in and is always thinking of keeping the fire going and getting rescued, (Golding 117)
The stubbornness in Ralph is similar to Sayid in Lost. Sayid is determined to keep the fire going and to think rationally throughout the first season. Most of the decisions Ralph makes are suggestions from Piggy. For example, Piggy was the one who suggested Ralph use the conch to call everyone together in the beginning (Golding12) and for someone to stay with the littluns when everyone went off on the hunt to find the beast (Golding 113)
Piggy also suggested for Ralph so ask Jack why he hates him so much. (Golding 101)
Ralph being reliant compares to Charlie from Lost. Charlie is very reliant on Jack and John in the first season by looking for advice from them and learning lessons.
He takes things that John and Jack say to him and uses it to help him. Jack always wants to control the assemblies and the children. He thinks he knows whats best all the time and is envious of Ralph being the leader (Golding 114).
Jack controls the hunters and tries to instill the others that hunting and his way of thinking is best.
This reminds me of John Lock because he is the hunter in Lost and breaks off from the others and controls Boone when they are hunting together. Jack was determined to be the best hunter on the island. He was the first child to think about going into the woods and start hunting for food. (Golding 22)
When at first he didn't succeed with killing the first pig he saw, he was determined to kill the next pig and developed strategies.
He painted his face and got other boys to go with him and circle the pig to kill it. (Golding 66)
Being determined reminds me of Boone from Lost when he is determined to help John hunt and get the hatch opened. Jack was the first child to throw the idea out to explore the island and did not care what was on it. (Golding22)
He went straight into hunting pigs on a strange island and on his second try killed it(page 72).
He was not afraid to go first at the top of the mountain even though it was dark, he only had two other people with him and he did not know is anything was waiting for him at the top (Golding 132)
The courage in Jack is the same in Jack from Lost. This is shown when Jack wonders off into the forest thinking he sees his father and walks around the forest for about three days exploring and searching for his father. When Jack wanted to kill that pig he did everything he knew how to do, called on all his animal instincts to kill it.
He Painted his face, prepared some sort of a plan and got the boys together to help him. (Golding 66)
He was the one who figured out to use Piggy's specs to light the fire (Golding 40) and to start hunting to get meat (Golding 56)
Being tactical in Lord of the Flies is similar to Sayid from Lost. Sayid finds a transmission and fixes it, trying to get it working again with the parts he has to work with. He relies on his experiences from the military. After the first few hunts, Jack is obsessed with hunting and killing not just pigs.
He takes the game of pretending to kill Robert a little far and then suggests killing a littlun (Golding 125)
Throughout the whole novel Jack has demonstrated his love for violence and it starts almost immediately when they get on the island. Jack started out as a civilized, English school boy and turned into a barbarian.
The barbarian in Jack reminds me of one side of Jack from Lost. When Sayer made it sound like he had something Jack wanted Jack got Sayid to tourtue Sayer till he got what he wanted out of him.
Works Cited Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Capricorn Books, 1959. Print.
Lost - The Complete First Season. Dir. J.J. Abrams. Perf. Jack, Sayer, Sayid, Boone, John Lock, . Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2004. DVD.
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