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Effects of Radiation on the Environment

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Keziah Vilson Thakkattil

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Effects of Radiation on the Environment

Effects of Radiation on the Environment
What is Radiation?
Comes from a source
Travels through material or space.
Some examples are:

Radiation in the Environment
Natural radiation is only harmful when excessively exposed to.
What is Ionizing Radiation?
Sources of Radiation Pollution

There are many causes of radiation pollution (including nuclear power plants, TVs, computers, radio waves, cell-phones, etc). The ones that are the most harmful to humans include:

* Nuclear explosions

* Production of nuclear weaponry

* Nuclear waste handling and disposal

* Mining of radioactive ores (such as uranium ores)

* Nuclear accidents and leaks

Causes of Radiation in the Environment


Natural radiation

Problems in the society due to harmful radiation

Many people want the making of nuclear weapons banned.
Ionizing radiation can damage the DNA in cells and may lead to cancer.
Exposure to this type of radiation can also cause genetic mutations in infants.
Example of the Effects of Radiation On the Environment: The Chernobyl Accident
The Chernobyl Accident was a leak in a nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The radioactive leak has affected tree growth and the health of birds.

Chernobyl Accident: Effect on trees
Trees were left vulnerable to drought.
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Presented by:
Keziah & Jeanne
Many of the trees showed unnatural growth caused by the effects of mutations from the aftermath of the accident.
Younger trees were affected the most by the radiation, even long after the accident happened.
A high frequency radiation
Can be harmful due to its ability to disrupt the structure of atoms.

Contained in x-rays, gamma rays, and neutrons.
Ionizing radiation is present in nuclear bombs and weaponry.

Effects of the Chernobyl Accident
Radiation can cause positive or negative effects, depending on what type.
Many forms of radiation are found in the environment
The Chrysalids
Reaserch Project
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