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The life of Catullus

No description

Dylan King

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The life of Catullus

The Life of Catullus By Dylan King 87 BC Catullus is born 83-82 BC The first civil war. Sulla battles the popular faction, and wins, and becomes dictator. 82 BC The second Mithridatic war occurs 82-72 BC Sertorius continues the civil war in Hispania 74-66 BC The third Mithridatic war occurs, with Pmpey as the victor. 73-71 BC Spartacus leads his infamous servile war 67 BC Pompey clears the pirates out of the Mediterranean with brute force 63 BC Jerusalem falls. 60-54 BC The first triumvirate, between Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus, forms. 58-50 BC Caesar battles it out in the Gallic wars, eventually winning a new territory. 70 BC The position of Censor is reestablished. 57 BC Catullus dies, at the age of 30. 82 BC The position of Censor is abolished 79 BC The city of Nola surrenders during the Italian war is is obliterated. 62 BC Caesar elected Prateor Thank You Mr. Timm!
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