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CTU Update Status

Issues and resources required for implementing the update.

Shannon Loomer

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of CTU Update Status

Where we are. NOW Separate faculties = siloes of unavailable content and no clear career path.

Inconsistent and difficult navigation, naming conventions/taxonomy

Inconsistent style and page treatment

“A garden left un-tended”

Difficult to navigate as a user and frustrating to update as an administrator.

Out-dated content
Clear organization/hierarchy of content

Career paths immediately identifiable

Consistency in navigation, resource names, style and page treatment, and messaging

Updates more straightforward, and much more frequent

More reasons to check the site--relevant content

“I can get what I want and find what I need”

Current/Future State Outstanding Issues Goals To Do's What is the vision for CTU?
What ROLE does the website have in supporting the Canadian Tire University?

What GOALS do we need to accomplish?

How will we KNOW we have accomplished these goals?
What is "Business Owner" accountable for: the development, administration, maintenance, QA, and ensuring it meets it’s objectives on an ongoing basis? Anything we want to add...

Clear accountabilities...
What is the role of "content owners?"

Change in stakeholders?
Who do we need to bring into the
initiative NOW?
(role of CSE committee, CTDA,
other areas of corp etc)

Decision-making authority...
Get more users to the site, more frequently.

Get more info to those users

Get more info ABOUT those users, and tweak site to suit the needs of those users

More info, More organized, More often.

We need to be more adaptive: “If this link does not draw in users the way we expected—what will?”

Let’s be a learning site, as well as a “site that learns.” Navigation changes: Program Links, Student Centre Links.

Page nav changes

Scope of site: What type of info and content is found—More Streamlined.

Institute “Site That Learns” Philosophy

Guiding Principles rather than unbreakable standards

Content changes (to wireframes)

Incorporate changes to programs as they come
Revisions to Design Shared Calendar function

* “Ask An Expert”

Corporate and PS site?

Folder structure....

Still tbd: Sean:
3-5 days for changes to navigation (?)
2-4 days for consultations and problem-solving.

Program Leads:
Content (wireframe) updates-1-2 days?
New Content (?)
New users section (1 day)
New employee section (2 days)
Carousel Updates. (2-3 days?)

5-8 days to re-build nav
2-3 make site updates
2-3 build test script etc

QA alpha and Beta (all profiles-5 days)

Selected Stores:
pilots/Beta 2 testing ( 2 weeks)

Resources Time and Resources FUTURE...
New avenues to engage store staff

Tracking site usage-- monitoring and responding to what is successful and what is not.

CTU on mobile devices?

More synergies with Online

Canadian Tire University Website is the most comprehensive, and most visual
communications channel we have facing the stores.

It must meet the individual goals of it's stakeholders, and reflect the greater organizational strategy in a way that will engage users at their level.

Shannon's What are your goals? Shannon's List Update Contact List: Stores, Corp, PS, CSE, CTDA- who else?

Update Project plan (revisions, pilot process, launch Change mgmt)

Gather content

Update Standards docs

Site updates process: folder structure, understanding of billing process...

Darwin approach to old content.

New billing system?
Based on real estate?

Based on tech team/resource time?

No Charge?
Imagine a system that reflects the organization of our department... http://www.cantireu.com/reports/ "Permission" to communicate our offerings.
Feedback on what is working and what is not.... Need specific, attainable and measurable goals for what content (program info) wants to achieve.

Need to leverage CTU as a reliable communication channel.

What do you want CTU to do for you? If there are specific items you want stats on- we can track these more closely.

Need to know what I am looking for. We had made some good inroads with
Merchandising, Supply Chain and HR...however

Now need to re-connect.
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