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Alexander the Great

A Profile on Alexander's Life

Jennifer de Witte

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Alexander the Great

Work Experience
Places I Own
Fought at the Battle of Granicus, Issus, Gaugamela and Hydaspes.
Lives In
Ancient Macedonia, North-East of the Balkan Peninsula.
A Profile of Alexander III of Macedon...

Alexander the Great
Educated in Mieza under Aristotle up until the age of 16.

July 356 B.C.
June 323 B.C.
Interested in
War and Women
King of Macedonia, Greece
and Persia
Alexander the Great
Life Event
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Alexander the Great

Stateira II

of Persia

Princess Parysatis II

Festival of Susa.

Status Update
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Hanging out with my new mate and
his 34,000 men army and 200 elephants.
– with
King Porus of India
327 BC
Life Event
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324 BC
328 BC
Life Event
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In memory of
Cleitus the Black
Places I've Named
Alexandria, Egypt.
Alexandroupolis, Greece.
Ai Khanoum, Afghanistan.
330 BC
Life Event
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In memory of
324 BC
Life Event
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In memory of
323 BC
Life Event
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In memory of
Alexander the Great
Believed he was a god.
Murdered countless innocent people.
Forcefully conquered many nations.
Murdered his close friends.
Possessed a strong, determined and kind heart.
Maintained a few close relationships.
Created the largest empire known to man.
Instituted the Greek language.
Merged two cultures (Greece and Persia) together.
Shaped the rest of history.

King of Macedonia.
Leader of Greece.
Overlord of Asia minor.
Pharaoh of Egypt.
Great King of Persia.
Friend of India.

100 likes 27 comments 8 shares
Seriously, those Greeks sometimes get on my nerves! All they do is go on and on about how we are not truly Greeks. If you have studied history you would know that we are in fact true Grecians! I mean, we migrated from Greece, so that means we are true Greeks. Unless, the people who come from Greece are not really Grecians...
#philosophical #trueGrecians #amiright #macedoniansunite
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Seriously that Herodotus is a genius with words! Explained exactly how it took place!
#olympicgames #prooveourancestory #macedoniansunite
A Blog of the Past... Daily Dose of Herodotus
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And that these descendants of Perdiccas are Hellenes, as they themselves say, I happen to know myself, and not only so, but I will prove in the succeeding history that they are Hellenes. Moreover the Hellanodikai, who manage the games at Olympia, decided that they were so: for when Alexander wished to contend in the games and had descended for this purpose into the arena, the Hellenes who were to run against him tried to exclude him, saying that the contest was not for Barbarians to contend in but for Hellenes: since however Alexander proved that he was of Argos, he was judged to be a Hellene, and when he entered the contest of the foot-race his lot came out with that of the first."
So glad that Dad took the time to build such a strong army! Macedonia has such strong and talented men to fight for it! Well-formed and well-prepared... Thanks Dad!
#strongarmy #strongcavalry #fightformacedonia
Status Update
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I love Macedonia so much! None can compare to the beautiful country in which I live! I mean look at the beautiful rivers and forests we have here. Not to mention the boundless mineral deposits.
#beautifulcountry #truemacedonian #richcountry
Status Update
Those annoying Greeks! They will not let me participate in the Olympic Games! Why do they have to be so set in the belief that we Macedonians are not truly Greek?
#stuckintheirownways #blindedfromthetruth #seriouslyletmeplay
Status Update
Finally! It's about time the Greeks let me show my skill. Time to go to the Olympic Games!
#timetoshine #macedoniansunite #letshowthem
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I was just reading through Plutarch's blog, and he pretty much says it all about the story of the time I broke Bucephalus in...
#goodstory #horses
The Past with Plutarch - Alexander the Great
Philip and his friends looked on at first in silence and anxiety for the result, till seeing him turn at the end of his career, and come back rejoicing and triumphing for what he had performed, they all burst out into acclamations of applause; and his father shedding tears, it is said, for joy, kissed him as he came down from his horse, and in his transport said, 'O my son, look thee out a kingdom equal to and worthy of thyself, for Macedonia is too little for thee'
Status Update
My father succeeded his father, who succeeded his father, who succeeded his father, who succeeded his father, who succeeded his father...
#monarchy #letmeruleyou #notmuchchoice #submittomyrule #MacedonianAssembly
Status Update
What are my loyal subjects getting up to on this fine day? I am pretty sure the men down the road are keeping the tradition of symposium... I guess I have been working them pretty hard ;)
#longdayatwork #feasttime #wineanddelicacies

Status Update
Time to get my training on! Who's going to come and train with me?
#fitness #trainingforbattle #getyourtrainon #macedoniansunite
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Tbt... A couple of years after I was born in 356 B.C. to proud parents Philip II and Olympias. Dad even postponed going to war to be at my birth!
#prettyspecial #loveyamumanddad #cutie #forevergreat #scholarly
Status Update
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I will always remember the first time I met my faithful, warhorse Bucephalus... I was only a young boy, but I figured the reason he was easily agitated was because he was afraid of his shadow... It only took the sun's bright light to fix his problem! Thanks for letting me break in Bucephalus,
, I love him so much!
#breakingin #bucephalus #skill #noonelikeme #brilliant #ididit #goodboy
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Just wanted to say a great big THANKS to my mother,
, you made me the man I am today! Thanks for bringing me up as a boy and for caring for me when Dad was away at war...
#alwaysthereforme #broughtmeup #iwillalwaysloveyou #standbyme #onlyachild

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Throwback Thursday! Here's a picture of me fighting at the Battle of Chaeronea when I was only 18 years old - with
King Philip of Macedonia
and the

#onlyeighteen #letsfight #finallyconqueredGreece
posted to

Alexander the Great
127 likes 15 comments 18 shares
Hey Alexander, long time no see! How are you? I still remember when when you were just 13 years old and your father brought you to me... You were such a strapping young lad! Hope you are well, and your kingdom is treating you well! Was sad to see you leave at the young age of 16! Keep reading and studying!
#learnlearnlearn #longtimenosee #howareyou #younglad #hashtagsareunschorlarly #youalwayslovedpoetryandmedicine
Status Update
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Tbt... I remember when I was only 16 years old and
Philip II
put me in charge of Macedonian whilst he was away at war... Then those annoying Thracians tried to take over Macedonia while Dad was away! Seriously, why did they have to attack the moment I was left alone... Well, I showed them! I gathered an army and then drew them out of Macedonia... Wohoo! Victorious! We beat them!
#victors #victorious #theytriedtobeatus #wedefeatedthem #theytriedandfailed #macedoniansunite
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Tbh, I am not happy about
Philip II
getting married to
, her family is so snobby! I mean just because she is your niece, does not mean she is going to give birth an heir to the throne,
! I mean, I am standing right here!!!
#sosnobby #goaway #iamtheheir #nooneelsebutme #ithrewacupathim #that'llshowhim
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, you hit the nail on the head again! This guy is such a great storyteller!
#gotitright #that'swhathappened #bloggingthepast
The Past with Plutarch - Alexander the Great
“The most open quarrel was brought on by Attalus at the marriage of Cleopatra, a maiden whom Philip was taking to wife, having fallen in love with the girl when he was past the age for it. Attalus, now, was the girl's uncle, and being in his cups, he called upon the Macedonians to ask of the gods that from Philip and Cleopatra there might be born a legitimate successor to the kingdom. At this Alexander was exasperated, and with the words, ‘But what of me, base wretch? Dost thou take me for a bastard?’ threw a cup at him."
Status Update
120 likes 243 comments 5 shares
Mum and I are heading off for a while... Dad just annoys me so much! I really need to get away... I can't stand when
Philip II
is so in love with
#can'tstandthem #poormum #beingoverlooked #goingaway #roadtrip #bebacklater
Status Update
221 likes 301 comments 2 shares
Hey everyone, I have some sad news - Philip II has died... A guard, named
, assassinated my father. It has been a hard time for me and my mother... We don't know the true reason for
killing my father as he was killed by one of my friends before he stole away... R.I.P.
Philip II
, I'll do my best for you...
#ripdad #loveyoudespiteourdifferences #i'lldomybest #freshpain #why? #foreveramystery
Life Event
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Alexander the Great
became King of Macedonia

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336 BC
Status Update
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My first military campaign
– feeling happy with
General Memnon
and the

Status Update
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We finally meet…

– with
King Darius III of Persia
Status Update
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To be honest (TBH): I don’t believe in killing off all your enemies. When I captured
King Darius III of Persia
’s family, I saw how depressed and miserable his wife and two daughters felt. So I gave them mercy and treated them well. Hope you feel better soon!
– with
Princess Stateira II of Persia
Status Update
127 likes 90 comments 3 shares
Argh! Just missed
King Darius III of Persia
by a few centimetres. Will get you later!
- feeling annoyed.
Status Update
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Just crucified a 6,000 troop army and 2,000 civilians on the beach because their religion did not allow me to make sacrifices in their temple.
- at

Tyre, Lebanon
#youonlyliveonce #yolo
Julius Caesar
posted to

Alexander the Great
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Even though you have been gone for a while, you have always been my inspiration. I remember reading about you when I was thirty years old, and I was saddened at the fact that I had not accomplished as much as you did when you were my age. From that point on, I have always striven to be like you. Continue to RIP Alexander.
posted to

Alexander the Great
127 likes 15 comments 18 shares
"I think there was at that time no race of men, no city, nor even a single individual to whom Alexander's name and fame had not penetrated. For this reason it seems to me that a hero totally unlike any other human being could not have been born without the agency of the deity."
posted to

Alexander the Great
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Quote by Alexander:
"Stand firm; for well you know that hardship and danger are the price of glory, and that sweet is the savour of a life of courage and of deathless renown beyond the grave."
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Here's a map of Macedon before I conquered it...
#homeroots #borninpella #conqueringtheworldstepbystep #ancientmacedonia
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