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Citizenship and Diversity

Human rights and key legislations

Kieran Perkins

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Citizenship and Diversity

Citizenship and Diversity Recap P1, P2 and P3 Todays Lesson Everyone should know what human rights are Everyone should know what the United nations is and what it does Everyone will know what an asylum seeker is Human rights Human rights are certain things that an individual is entitled to have or do based on fairness and justice In groups you need to mind map what some of these rights are You will now read through the human right declaration and answer the following questions in your group 1- Which rights do you understand immediately and which require more research?
2- Are there any rights that strike you as being more important than others?
3- Are there any that you disagree with?
4- Are there any you might add?
5- Are there any key rights the UPS are involved in directly upholding? The United Nations The declaration of human rights was developed by the United Nations (UN) The United Nations Coordinates aid in disaster situations Maintains international peace and security Acts as a forum for conflict resolustion Develops friendly relations among nations Coordinates action on global issues such as drug trafficking and the environment Maintains international peace and security Promotes respect for human rights Helps build and stabilise economies and financial markets Any ideas of what the UN do? The United Nations was created after the second world war. Political and social unity was seen as very important in post- war climate, and as a consequence 50 nations met to debate the creation of a new global organisation to help maintain friendly international relations When it was formed on 24 October 1945 it had 51 members, the UN now has 192 members Most people should finish off P4 ready to present next lesson Asylum seekers Does anybody know what an asylum seeker is? An asylum seeker is an individual who has fled their own country due to conflict or persecution and has applied to stay in another country until their own country is safe to return to. If an asylum seeker is successful in their application they become a refugee, however if they are unsuccessful they are deported to their country of origin Case Study - Guardian newspaper report 2009 The report showed that the UK were holding 470 asylum seeker children with their families in detention centres that they were not allowed to leave till their case was decided The vast majority of the children were under 5 and were from countries in conflict situations such as Zimbabwe and Sudan. Often the welfare issues of the children were not taking into account and many developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress. 1- Why does the UK routinely imprison most asylum seekers and their children?
2- What other strategies could be used to deal with asylum seekers until their application for asylum is heard?
3- What could the long-term impact on children who are imprisoned? Now you need to add this to the work you have done on legal rights that people have
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