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Cars that Drive Themselves

No description

Nik g

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Cars that Drive Themselves

Road Trains An Example of a Road Train What exactly are road trains? Road trains are a convoy of cars that is driven by an expeirenced driver that is familiar with the route. The driver is in a normal car, which is called the lead vehicle. You stay in these road trains untill you reach your destination, then you carry on your way driving by yourself. These have a lot of future potential and they are better for the enviorment. What great features do these have? A naviagtion system and a transmitter/reciever unit that communicates with the lead vehicle. Cable of braking, accleration, and steering. Offers a lot of comfort to people awaiting there destination. Intentions Help increase safety on the roads Reduce enviormental impact Future way of transportation and to help improve traffic flow A useful thing people will use everyday, especially commuters. The technolgy behind it Once the vehicles meet, their navigation system is used to join the convoy, where the automous driver program then takes over. The vehicle's system connects to the lead vehicle. They connect by the Pronto4 Agnostic Autonomy System, which can be installed into any steering-wheel based vehicle. As the road train approaches its final destination, the various vehicles disconnect from the convoy and continue on their way and drive as usual to their individual destinations. Innovation There is nothing that functions like this out there now, and this could potentially change the future of transportation You don’t have to do much work besides hooking up to a road train, and leaving one. Potential Uses Being the most popular and widely used method of transportation because it is environmentally friendly and more convenient. The most efficeint way of transportation My opinion I think these are very interesting and if they work really well, we should switch over to road trains for good because: -They save fuel, create lower air drag, and are overall eco friendly. I think they will help save a lot of lives because there will be fewer accidents. (Cars that Drive Themselves) The Road Train
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