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The Narrative Approach of Mark L. Savickas

A Constructivist, Post Modern Theory

Alex Sanchez

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of The Narrative Approach of Mark L. Savickas

The Narrative Approach A Constructivist Theory by Mark L. Savickas it operates under the idea that
human traits shouldn't be
MEASURED to see where one "fits' in" but rather... careers are "constructed
as individuals make choices that express their self-concepts..." Savickas notes that "both individuals and environments change too rapidly in the 21st century to provide a (career) match that has stability." This theory has 3 components: 1. Vocational Personality:
vocational behaviors are analyzed
to gain insight of the potential expression
of life themes. 2. Life Themes:
Unique individual experiences
bring about "life themes". Themes, whether
positive or negative, must be idenitified and explored.
A partnership is established to apply themes to a
vocational setting to create stronger and more meaningful
connections with vocations and society. 3. Career Adaptability:
Our increasingly global and rapidly changing world "demand felxibility and adaptability". Individuals must be able to adapt to the work environment through changes in attitude, behaviors, and specific competencies. The method used: Storytelling or Narratives leading questions "trigger life stories" Themes in life are identified Identified themes lead to the selection of occupations Research Support: Low Unfortunately However... this emerging theory draws on a solid foundation. This approach is considered to be a "21st century extention of (Donald) Super's theory (Life-Span, Life-Space), which is highly researched). Multicultural Emphasis? YES! Our nation's workforce is
becoming increasingly diverse This theory is tailored to the
individual making it more culturally
sensitive Give it a shot! Sources:

Amundson, N. E., Bowlsbey, J., & Niles, S. G. (2009). Essential
elements of career counseling: processes and techniques (2nd
ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Merrill.

Niles, S. G. (2009). Career development interventions in the 21st
century (3rd Edition ed.). S.l.: Merrill.
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