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Agnostics Apps & Inverted Classrooms

No description

William Hanff

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Agnostics Apps & Inverted Classrooms

Bain, Ken. What the Best College Teachers Do. Harvard Univ. Press. 2004.
Caplan, Bryan & Gochenour, Zachary. The Case Against Education. Unpublished. 2012.
Kamenetz, Anna. DIY U: Edupunks, Eduprenuers, and the Coming Transformation in Higher Education. Chelsea Green Publishing. 2010
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Switzer, Jamie. "The Myth of the Tech-Savvy Student: The Role of Media Educators in a Web 2.0 World." Unpublished. 2012.
Agnostic Apps
Inverted Classrooms
"The wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles"
opportunity cost
big program-- small town
mid-size -- small town
small program -- small town
big program-- suburb/exurb
mid-size -- suburb/exurb
small program -- suburb/exurb
big program -- big city
mid-size -- big city
small program -- big city
William A. Hanff Jr., PhD
Assistant Professor, Communications
University of the District of Columbia
"Inverted Classrooms" or "Peer Instruction"
mobile devices: the medium is the message
"the most important impressions made on the human nervous system come from the character and structure of the environment within which the nervous system functions; that the environment itself conveys the critical and dominant messages by controlling the perceptions and attitudes of those who participate in it." (Postman, 1969)
perceptions you are allowed to build
attitudes you are enticed to assume
sensitivities you are encouraged to develop
Lean to value uncertainty & tentativeness

Question the questions
"Here is the point: Once you have learned how to ask questions —relevant and appropriate questions— you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know." (Postman, 1969)
"Media Agnostic"
general education -- liberal arts
intro-level courses -- 'covering' material
upper-level courses -- project-based
...a fax from the beach.
Fixed Costs

Marginal Costs
Pre-Syllabus & "Promising" worksheet
Exercises & "Experiments"
Presentation Feedback & Live Prod. "Postmortem"
Film/Cinema Deconstruction & Reviews
Miscellaneous & Student-Created
play nicely together.
Getting LMS and Social Media to
The of Social Media
1) the 'gamification' of learning & research
2) portable digital skills & mining meaning
1) Human Capital
2) Ability & Skills
3) Social Signaling
1) come to class prepared to discuss relevant material
2) ask questions (lack of questions implies understanding)
3) give additional examples and/or mini-lecture
4) engage in practical experiment or lab tutorial
5) distribute worksheets for Peer Instruction and discussion
6) set up for next meeting (whether online or face-to-face)
depedent - collaborative - independent
surface learning - strategic learning - deep
assimilators/convergers - divergers/accomodators
Polling Apps
Celtx Online
'The Movies'
YouTube Editor
Wikimedia Scholars
Polling Apps
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