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"Craftissimo" - Boost your social enterprise! Grundtvig workshop organized by Messzelátó Association in Budapest.

Silvia Alzetta

on 8 February 2013

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I come from a small village in the North-eastern Italy... I studied to be a Pastry Chef And a Chef These are not
my jobs actually,
I Really love to cook for my friends and family WHAT ABOUT MY PASSIONS... I have been painting graffiti 17 years old and I'm still working on it, even if I don't paint anymore illegals graffiti, with my boyfriend we have run a Studio where we produce stencil, painting works, t-shirts, stickers and prints. We teach painting techniques to school students and least but not least, we use to paint in street art exhibitions. GRAFFITI & STREET ART ECO-DIY CERNIT PYSSLA PHOTOGRAPHY & COMPUTERS MY FAMILY... I would like to learn
how to promote
my activities and boosting my social enterprise. I'M REALLY HAPPY TO GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY AND I'LL BE IN THIS WITH ALL MYSELF! THANK YOU!

SEE YOU SOON IN BUDAPEST! & I'm 27 years old Its name is: Montereale Valcellina,
Which means Royal Mountain in the "Cellina" Valley
(Where Cellina is the name of the river) I really like the decoration in general, starting with the cakes up to the digital graphics, passing by recycling and photography. Hi Everyone!
I'm Silvia OBI WAN KENOBI FLOCK My Sister My aunt My uncle My stepfather Me My boyfriend Andrea and his Family My two lovely cats The boyfriend of my sister My Mom
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