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Israel-Palestine Conflict

No description

Monali Lipman

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel-Palestine Conflict Palestine Israel What is the Intifada? Slightly larger than New Jersey What is the size of Israel relative
to the United States? A day after Israel became a state on May 15, 1948, surrounding countries invaded it.
750,000 Palestinian Arabs displaced and denied re-entry
Primary issue: territorial disputes
Israelis built settlements in Palestinian territory What is the Israel- Palestine
conflict about? Arabic meaning "to shake off"
Used to describe two major Palestinian uprisings against Israeli military in settlements
Two major intifadas
1. 1987- 1993
2. 2000-2005
mortality rate:
7,600 Palestinians
1,264 Israelis
64 foreigners What is the future of the Israel-Palestine conflict? Palestinian Authority petitioning for sovereignty from the UN
Mediated peace talks- often fail because the Israeli government refuses to freeze settlements
Issues of sovereignty and non-intervention Pauline Dinh & Monali Lipman
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